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30 May 2017, 13:04

5 technology stories you missed in May

Technology and its effects on our lives is moving at an epic pace. Here are 5 technology articles you might have missed in May.

Sphero’s new interactive Cars figure features impressive robotics


When I grew up the most technologically advanced toy I owned was a free sound effects speaker that I got in a box of Rice Krispies. Following on from Sphero’s success with the STM32 power BB8 robot here comes Lightning McQueen taking things to another level.

Read the article here at


Space Junk Blocks Our Way to the Stars


The cost of launching satellites may be falling and SpaceX can land and reuse their rockets but what if we run out of space... in space? The danger to astronauts and future trips to Mars are at risk from even the smallest piece of debris orbiting the earth at incredible speeds. So what do you do?

Read the article at


Getting started with the STM32L496G discovery kit


The STM32 will always have memories for me as it was the first MCU I played with after university. Technology had moved on somewhat since the Z80 I had spent learning on and moving on from assembler was a relief. I appreciate assembler has a time and a place but with the new discovery kit and the latest iteration of the STM32L496 (and lots of code demos) thankfully that place is in a dark place far, far away along with decaf coffee. 


Milton Keynes to be the first to trial A.I. traffic lights

Source:Simon Duggleby (MK, not all roundabouts and concrete cows)

Milton Keynes, fabled for the American grid structure of its road network and an epic number of roundabouts is about to become know for it's AI traffic lights!


Should economists be more concerned about artificial intelligence?

Source: Simon Duggleby (even we have robots joing us in the office! Post coming soon from Jeffo)

Concerned? I don't think so, aware, definitely. The rise of the robots (RotR?) is coming, even Lightening Mcqeen is getting in on the action. How it affects us combined with AI, Big Data, IoT and even more technology buzzwords will undoubtedly change our world. How it affects us, our jobs and our economy will definitely have a bearing on our financial outlook.



Did you find this interesting? What kind of news would you like to see more of? Feedback would be much appreciated!




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30 May 2017, 13:04