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5 reasons why the ECHO14 is one of the most beloved antennas

The ECHO14 (140-8041) is one of our most popular antennas to date with hundreds being ordered every month. So, let’s have a look at why this antenna is so popular:

ECHO14 Image

1. It's Multipurpose

Just look at how many different technologies this antenna can support! From 2G to 5G, the ECHO14 is an excellent cellular antenna. It also doubles up as a Dual-band Wi-Fi antenna, and it covers LPWAN frequencies for all your low-power needs.

2. It's High-Gain

The peak gain for the ECHO14 is consistently high between 1700 MHz and 6GHz. This means that the ECHO14 transmits more power to the receiver, increasing signal strength. And because of reciprocity, it will also capture a higher number of transmitted signals when used as a receiving antenna.

3. It's Compact

The ECHO14 is light and compact, which makes it a popular choice for small device integration. It’s easy to design into your application and easy to include in your production line.

4. It's Ground plane Independent

In other words, it’s been designed to incorporate a simulated ground plane into its functionality so that it can perform efficiently with little to no ground plane. This makes it a more versatile antenna that can be used in a wider range of applications.

5. It's Customizable

This antenna comes with either 0.1M or 0.2M of 1.13mm coaxial cable and an I-PEX MHF1 (or U.FL) connector as standard.

ECHO14 Standards

Maybe space is a constraint, and you need an even smaller connector like the I-PEX MHF4.

Or perhaps your application involves continuous shock or high vibration in which case we can make the antenna with an I-PEX locking mechanism to hold the connection stably in place.


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