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5 reasons why Push-in Plus technology is better than screws

Wiring is probably the most time consuming step during panel building. Cables need to be properly prepared, hundreds of screws have to be screwed and unscrewed, more than once in some cases. This together with tight operating spaces where both hands are never free make it both time consuming and difficult to work within the cabinet freely. 

Push in wiring is not new and it can be the right solution for all these problems, however there is still some doubts about using push in wiring, for example;

  • Is the connection really strong and reliable?
  • Is it possible to use with small wires?
  • How long it will last?
  • Can vibration loosen the connection?

So why Push-in Plus technology is better than screws?

1. Easy wires insertion and strong retention

Push-in Plus technology requires very little effort for cable insertion, it's easier than inserting an earphone jack, good news for panel builders. The patented spring mechanism inside Push-In Plus makes wiring easier and ensures very strong retention properties.









2. Long term and stable connection 

Push-In Plus ensures soft wire insertion and long term stable connection. Also, the inside spring mechanism is designed such, that it's not affected by vibrations. This means that once the panel is completed there is no need to re-check the connections, Even if the machine is shipped far from the production site or it is subjected to vibrations during use, the terminal connections will be maintained.

3. 60% faster and tools free 

Push-In Plus terminals are designed to hold the screwdriver in place, letting both hands free to manage the wiring. Push-In Plus spring mechanism grants the same level of reliability whether the wire is terminated with a ferrule or not. 

4. Tough connection even with small wires

The inner spring of the Push-In Plus plays the double role of allowing a low insertion force and a high pull out force. 

The spring mechanism can adapt to and host a wide range of wire dimensions, giving efficient connection retention in all cases, even with small diameter wires (AWG22).



5. Clear view of the working area

Different from other push in terminals, the Push-In Plus holds the screwdriver in place at the proper inclination angle so that let the connection hole is free for wiring. This is a critical benefit especially when the panel has a high module density and the overall available of space is already limited. Push-In Plus terminals allow you to work from the front without limiting the view and the wiring area.

Discover more about OMRON Push-In Plus technology and the other product ranges from the innovative Value Design for Panel 


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