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3D Viewer Bug? Closing Out Program (blow up).


V11.0 with hot fix:  I've completed a new board that measures 7.5" x 3.5" with a ground plane (pour) on the secondary side.  The 3D viewer works fine (all components showing), but only when the plane is not poured. Once poured, then 3D view doesn't work and blows up (entire program just closes out, no messages).  I've run through the Design Rule Check to rule out errors.  I have found that if I reduce the ground plane to about 3/4 board width (either end, per photos) that the 3D viewer will work one time, but then blows up the second time I try accessing it.  Any further reduction in plane width has no effect.  I have not encountered this issue with previous DSP PCB versions.  I have opened older projects, and sometimes the viewer works fine, but with others it exhibits the same issue.  Problem seems to be related to board/pour size.  Computer is fairly new with Win 11 & 32G ram.

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