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What are the Pros and Cons to replacing stainless steel parts with 3D printed parts.

I'm weighing up whether a 3D Printer would be relevant to my workplace but I honestly have no experience with them at all. The business I represent makes industrial touchscreen displays and Kiosks. if you want a better idea of the sector we cater for.
 The internals of our products that I have been thinking of replacing are things like brackets and mounting points amongst other things.

The main area's i'm unsure about are:

-Strength of 3D Printed Materials
-Ease of use with software
-Required software

Thank you,



February 15, 2019 11:24

Hello Ashley,

Just a part answer, but some thoughts.
The first question is materials, why do you currently have stainless steel? It obviously has corrosion resistance but also one of the more difficult materials to machine?
Why does the current design not use 'plastic' or other materials?
The answer to this will probably provide a good starting point.

Now look at materials available for 3D printers are these suitable? If so look at the printed structure strength etc., to see if it will meet your requirements.

I presume you are looking at 3D printers for flexibility in design parts or lower machining costs, the latter may be achievable using a 3D printing company who will be able to provide the optimum printer and materials.

Hope this helps a little.

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