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Source of ISO Metric threads for 3D printing

 Can anyone point me to a source of ISO Metric thread models suitable for 3D printing? I’ve seen a number of ‘almost’ M3 or M6 threads but opening them in a CAD program they have almost triangular threads. Thanks 


August 6, 2020 08:33

Download a 'STEP' file from
Once you have selected the size click on the 'Product details' scroll down, save as a STEP file.
You can save it as an STL file.
Being a STEP file you can not use it as such, although you can use the geometry to make your own thread. see attachment.
Create an axis line. 'Project To Sketch' the lines shown, draw additional lines to create surfaces. Follow image.

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August 5, 2020 15:15

Hi Peter, this article from our support centre should help :)

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