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Is there an optional accuracy conversion factor when creating/saving an ".stl" file?

I'm a "Newbie" to 3D Design/Printing.  I created a circular object and exported it to the Creality Ender Slicer 1.2.1  as an  ".stl" file and the circular object when displayed in the Slicer was a multifaceted polygon (not an exact Circle).  The object when converted to a "Gcode" file was also 3D printed as a multifacted polygon.  Are ther any options for insuring that a circle will be transformed as a circle and not approximated as a multifaceted polygon?  Thanks,  k   e   n


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August 6, 2019 07:07

Thanks JACANT: You have provided information that has resolved my problem.

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August 5, 2019 07:03