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Open project from different computr - not archived

We had to decommission my old computer and during that period, the lastest version of designspark was not available.  I saved all the designspark program data from my old computer, but I didnt go through the archive process.   

I have now installed the new designspark software on my new computer, and placed the projects from the program data in the same folder of the new installation, but the projects don't show up in the project manager.  Is there a way to open the projects without having an archive?  I won't be able to access my old computer for at least a few weeks. 


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March 23, 2020 13:53

Hi, there is a way to restore the link to project database using one of its EWG files:

Look at the section 'Restoring from backups'.

Kind regards,
Joy Ch

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