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3D CAD File: Respirator-free reanimation Venturi's valve


You may have read my recent article explaining how Italian company Isinnova responded to a call for help from a hospital in Northern Italy to keep their reanimation devices operational during the Covid-19 pandemic by 3D printing replacement valves that had become unavailable from their usual suppliers.

Below we have included a link to download the 3D CAD files for these valves, to ensure that everybody who needs access to them can print their own. 

These ready-to-print Venturi's valve models are for respirator-free masks and have been created as a non-profit project for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Revision 2 (CFD-calculated) available:
* FiO2 = ~33%
* O2 sup. = 10LPM
* Air out. = ~63LPM

2x 25mm O.D. (air suction, patient)
1x 5mm O.D. (oxygen)

Volume of 3D model - 15133 mm3

Revision 1 contains 3 Venturi Valves with:
B = 0,12 ; 0,3 ; 0,5

Uploaded: 19/3/2020
Files Included: STL, STEP / IGES, Rendering, SOLIDWORKS


For anybody who needs access to a free 3D design software in order to access these files DesignSpark Mechanical is free to download and use for both personal and commercial use. 



3d-printed-valve-1_595dbb6b03fba008ba7cd56dd9d4fc251dc354ba.jpgThe original valve (left) and the 3D printed replacement (right) 

Editors Note: Please note that this may not be an open-source design, and the use of it may be subject to a copyright owner’s rights.  We are publishing for use only for social purposes in the face of the current pandemic: it should not be used in a profit-generating fashion. RS cannot be held responsible for any claims arising from your use of this design.

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