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10 Oct 2017, 9:06

11 stories you don’t want to miss from September

Stay cool for the summer

We all have that person in the office who is constantly hot, sat next to the person who is constantly cold. Fan wars ensue.

What if you could have your own temperature controlled fan with a profile to map your exact needs?

‘What If’ no more with the ebm-papst fan controller. Set your personalised profile, attach a fan and enjoy your perfect breeze whatever the temperature.

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New IoT Record

A ‘15km range’ is often touted as the reach for LoRa. Now the long range, low power network has broken the record and sent a packet an astonishing 702km.

Source: The Things Network

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Project ONE

With hatchbacks now easily matching the performance of supercars from a few years ago it was inevitable that the car manufacturers would push the boundaries yet again. With Red Bull partnering with Aston Martin on the Valkyrie, the F1 car for the road (or track) it will finally have something to race.


John Weil

PSoC 6, the latest MCU family from Cypress Semiconductor, solving your problems and designed for the IoT from the ground up. Watch John Weil from Cypress walk you through why you should be thinking PSoC 6 for your next design.


Design out contamination

Rather than clear up, clean and manage contamination situations why not design them out in the first place?

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Audi A8 and a giant robot arm from Kuka

"Projection Mapping with Robots is Visually Stunning" - can't argue - this is how you launch a new car!


New Security Bot can tell if you're carrying weapons

The new offroad security bot from Kinghtscope uses millimetre wave technology to scan people and detect concealed weapons. RoboCop has nothing to fear yet but the technology is coming along.

Source: The Verge

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Vampire-like Autonomous Drone Network

Ok, so slightly dramatic title but a Swiss company has launched the first autonomous drone network ferrying blood between hospitals and test facilities. using the Matternet cloud and M2 drone.


Michelin 3D Printed Tyres

Moving on considerably from the flexible 3D printed tyres which were showcased a few years ago Michelin's Visionary concept is a whole new way of how we interact and use our tyres with autonomous vehicles.


Dyson announces electric car plans

Serial inventor James Dyson has announced the companies plans for a radical new electric car. The internet went wild with mockups but here is my favourite! 

Source: Car Magazine UK

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Unleash the (Blood)hounds!

If you're looking for refinement in your driving experience the Bloodhound is not for you. Watch the video on the BBC of the Bloodhound firing its fighter jet engine for the first time in preparation for its world record attempt. 


Source: BBC

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One more thing.....

In case you missed it Apple had their annual event and launched the new iPhone 8 and 8S together with the flagship iPhone X. 

Watch the event round-up in this 15-minute video from The Verge.


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10 Oct 2017, 9:06


October 24, 2017 07:38

ahh I can just see it the Dyson car - you need to pull a bunch of flimsy plastic attachments off turn them around and insert them in a different spot every time you want to wind the windows down or activate the blinkers.

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