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10 Fantastic New Tutorials for DesignSpark Mechanical Users!


You have downloaded DesignSpark Mechanical, but you don’t really know what to do with all those functions and icons? Have we got a solution for you! We created a series of great tutorials aimed at the new DesignSpark Mechanical user, but equally useful for those who need to brush up on their 3D CAD design skills.

Whatever your flavour, these tutorial videos will be perfect! Easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials delivered in professionally produced bite-sized chunks. Sit back, relax, open up your free copy of DesignSpark Mechanical, and start learning!

1. Familiarisation

Watch in Zendesk


2. Sketching

Watch in Zendesk


3. Edges

 Watch in Zendesk


4. Cut-Outs

Watch in Zendesk


5. Importing files

Watch in Zendesk


6. Manipulating Designs

Watch in Zendesk


7. Combining Solids

Watch in Zendesk


8. Dimensions


Watch in Zendesk


9. Positioning Objects

Watch in Zendesk


10. Custom Threads

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Youtube Playlist

If you haven’t tried DesignSpark Mechanical yet because the software seems a little bit daunting (we all have experiences like that I’m sure!), these tutorials will help to reassure you and build your confidence as you start your 3D CAD design journey.

Download DesignSpark Mechanical Today!


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June 15, 2020 07:26

Hi Dairyworks,

This might help you get started.

In 2D mode :
1) Place a circle on the grid.
2) Place a point in the middle of the circle.
Change to 3D mode :
3) With the Move tool move the point in the middle of the circle to the distance you require.
4) With the Blend tool selected click the edge of the circle and then with ctrl click select the point.
Your cone will be created !!

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March 30, 2020 09:12


I am trying to figure out to make cone like a propeller spinner, help is required please

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November 18, 2019 08:42

i'm trying to understand your program but it is not easy. the tutorial videos are not very helpful. i would like to try to use your program for 3d printing but i am unsure it will work at all. I am trying to just cut a cube in half and separate the 2 halves. just can't do it very easily. maybe my saw is dull and needs sharpening. i will keep hacking at it.

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