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10,000 New Models Added to PCB Part Library

We are delighted to announce a major extension of our PCB Part Library tool, which provides direct access to schematic symbols and footprints for every part that you will ever need. The library now includes more than 10,000 new models from a range of leading RS Components suppliers, including ON Semiconductor, C&K Switches and ROHM Semiconductor. We first launched PCB Part Library in 2017 in conjunction with SamacSys, providing high-quality PCB schematic symbols and footprints that can be used in all of the leading PCB design software packages. The library provides fast and easy access to component models and saves PCB designers and electronics engineers from the time-consuming and potentially error-prone task of having to create part libraries manually.

There is also a 48-hour part request program, where you can have any model created and providing you with access to every model that you will ever need whether it already exists or not. PCB Part Library removes the need to source and create models and footprints from scratch, enabling you to focus on your overall design.

We recognised this need and have worked closely with SamacSys to create the PCB Part Library solution. Our pioneering partnership has helped revolutionise the way that engineers access models for their designs.

The PCB Part Library is available at, or via the RS Component search engine at

Key Features of our PCB Part Library service

  • Access for FREE - There’s no catch, we want to give you unrivalled PCB part libraries completely for FREE to allow you to save you time and money
  • Libraries available for all leading PCB tools - Whether you’re using Altium, Zuken, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Target, Pulsonix, Eagle or our very own DesignSpark PCB, you’re guaranteed to find the Schematic Symbol or PCB Footprint for your new or existing design
  • Outstanding quality - We recognised how important it is for our libraries to be of the highest quality, that’s why we ensure no outdated files exist. Also on the rare occasions that an issue is reported fixing this is paramount and is our highest priority
  • Access to our Library Wizard – you can now access our online PCB Library Wizardfor rapid bespoke model creation of IPC compliant parts
  • Control over symbol fracturing - with the ECAD Part Wizard excel plug-in RS' entire range of 500,000 products
  • 48 Hour part request - If you can’t find what you need in our expansive library, and don’t have time to create it using our wizard, let us build it for you

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13 Nov 2018, 9:21