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Ultra Librarian Reader



The UL Reader from Accelerated Designs is used to convert CAD neutral bxl files into practically any schematic/PCB layout package, including DesignSpark PCB.

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  • abhishek khandelwal Avatar abhishek khandelwal

    Posted by abhishek khandelwal at

    sir i would like to know whether for making a pcb design internet connection is a must? Is it that without internet we cannot make the pcb design? Let me know sir.

  • rs components support Avatar rs components support

    Posted by rs components support at

    The above links are fully operational.
    Ultra Librarian Reader provides a very useful tool that supports the DesignSpark PCB Library.

  • skendread Avatar skendread

    Posted by skendread at

    I did a search and found one here. Very simple to use. There are changes you might want to do for the symbol but the process is easy
    Download from here http://webench.ti.com/cad/
    Navigate to your file to convert
    Choose Designspark in the option

  • rs components support Avatar rs components support

    Posted by rs components support at

    Thank you for pointing this out, the download link has moved a few times. The two links in the text are correct and the first "UL Reader" will take you to the homepage which has the download link.

  • mrbrasilit Avatar mrbrasilit

    Posted by mrbrasilit at

    broken link?

  • *jb* Avatar *jb*

    Posted by *jb* at

    @Nyvlem: Thanks for the link ... Eagle import worked quite well. You can find Eagle 5.10.x by Google and use that. Going through the current Eagle V6.x does not work so well. There's a tutorial on this website ... The short version is: You have an /Eagle ULP directory in your DesignSpark installation. You start Eagle, load your data there, execute the ULP from DesignSpark ... get an .EIP ... and import that 3 times - for schematic symbol, PCB footprint and finally for component ... well, that's for importing libraries, PCB designs work the same way, but in a single move. Check the results, some minor errors have to be expected.

  • garethrens Avatar garethrens

    Posted by garethrens at

    I have the same problem, even on the developers site ...

  • nyvlem Avatar nyvlem

    Posted by nyvlem at

    Try this link...

    http://www.accelerated-designs.com/(S(o ... 55lo45zdbp))/Beta/ULADI_CIS.exe

    Just tried it out and the import worked Ok, DesignSpark message boxes do not quite match what the "accelerated-designs" log / instruction file says.

    All I need now is to get DesignSpark to import the "Eagle" files exported by "www.ti" online design tools.

    Any one reading this know where the "import from Eagle" tutorial can be found, as I can not get the Eagle import to work.

  • philr Avatar philr

    Posted by philr at

    The download link does not appear to work

    Is the Ultra Librarian reader still available or is this a problem with the website?



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