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PCB Converter for SketchUp




Version 1.1 of The PCB Converter tool from RS Components and Allied Electronics allows you to convert Intermediate Data Format (IDF) files to COLLADA format for Trimble SketchUp. With the PCB Converter tool it is possible to import a 3D representation of PCB design models from applications such as DesignSpark PCB* into SketchUp with a simple drag and drop conversion process.

Please note: This tool is provided on an "as-is" basis. Support on the DesignSpark website will be strictly limited. The source code is available to allow the community to continue development - click here for the files.

RS Components
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  • mariow Avatar mariow

    Posted by mariow at

    I can't get it to work with Design-Spark V4.1, too.

    But I have found a nice alternative (generating Step-Files as Output): It is called idfstepper_v1_1 and you can find it here:


    It is a small script which is posted by Philipp Burch, and it works very well, thanks for this nice tool!

    Kind Regards,


  • pancho Avatar pancho

    Posted by pancho at

    tengo la version 4.
    y realice varias pruebas con distintos diseños y el convertidor a sketchup me dio error y el help no esta incluido

    the selected .idb file appears tobe corrupt

    atte elio

  • peterj Avatar peterj

    Posted by peterj at

    If you are getting an error on idb import, chances are there are circles and/or arcs in the design. Convert these to polygons and try again.

  • philr Avatar philr

    Posted by philr at

    I also can't get it to work

    I drag the .ibd file of my design into the converter and it imports successfully

    However when I try to save the converted file I get an error message 'Unhandled exception' 'Index was outside bounds of array'

    Everything else with Designspark PCB working ok

  • pavelk Avatar pavelk

    Posted by pavelk at

    How to use it with DS ver. 4?
    I tested it with example chipKIT Max32 file but converter reply "The selected .IDB file appears to be corrupt. "

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