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Noise Calculator



This resource contains three tools to help in understanding and managing noise in cicuits. The included tools are:

  • A noise generator tool - This is a Lab View 4-Run Time executable that generates Gaussian white noise, uniform white noise, 1/f noise, short noise, and 60Hz line noise. Temporal data, spectrum and amplitude histogram are given.
  • A noise calculator tool - This is an Excel spreadsheet that calculates the spot noise and integrated noise over a user specified bandwidth for inverting, non-inverting and transimpedance topology op amp circuits. Performance parameters are installed for all signal op amps. The user specifies the op amp, temperature, spot noise frequency and resistor values.
  • Examples of types of noise - Unzip this file to get four ".wav" files. Each file is a different type of noise that may be encountered in a system. The files are "white noise", "pink or 1/f noise", "brown noise", and "popcorn noise."


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