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Nice kit, with some minor difficulties getting started.

Posted by jackokring on


Product Name: eZ430-Chronos Wireless Dev Tool EU/India

I have had the kit for a number of months now, and first tried the openchronos development chain. I found this a little difficult to install. I then had a look at the openchronos-ng source, and started a fork. The ng software does not have much done yet, and the pace of development is slow. I then tried the CCS v5.2.1 from the TI wiki download, and was able to get coding, even though eclipse recompiling after every save took a little while figuring out how to switch off.

After a few weeks I managed to put together a Limited profile project which works and has the features I wanted from the default software, the new enhancements like the backlight delay, and trimmed the code to be smaller. I have added a calculation slide rule, and placed some of the menus in the bottom row into one utility menu. After a bit more fiddling with C source and the output .map file I have managed to make a nice FLASH image with 3705 bytes left to add further things later.

The version 3.2 miChronos source project is available at https://github.com/jackokring/miChronos and the download page (right middle) has the .txt files and the edited Tcl source of the control center without the bluerobin features. I also removed the PPT mode, and added a set system date option to SYNC if the script is run sudo.

All in all a nice product, if a little difficult to get started without some embedded C skills.




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