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Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi is a small, powerful computer and development board to help educate a new generation of programmers and electronics engineers

Developed by the Raspberry PI foundation the Raspberry Pi computer is a miniature ARM based PC which can do many of the things a desktop PC can do like word-processing, games or playing back High-Definition video

In this section you will find lots of useful resources from getting started with Raspberry Pi to schematics and programming guides to help you get the most out of your Pi


How to create or update your Raspberry Pi Operatin

This video shows you how to add the Raspberry Pi operating system to an SD card, or update an older .......

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Raspberry Pi Camera setup

The camera module comprises of a sensor and lens and needs to get instructions from the Pi in orde.......

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Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide

A copy of the Quick Start Guide that ships with the Raspberry Pi.......

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Raspberry Pi - Getting started guide

Video's showing connecting up your Raspberry and launching the Desktop. Also includes a pdf guide........

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What you need to get your Raspberry Pi up and runn

The Raspberry Pi ships on its own. To get your Pi up and running, you need a few basic things........

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Installing Linux software on Raspberry Pi

A number of readers have commented in posts that they are not familiar with Linux so I thought I wou.......

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Pi Vessel based on Raspberry More
Pi Vessel on the Raspberry on Kickstarter More
Pi Vessel on the Raspberry More
New Raspberry Pi Camera Module Board on Kickstarter More
UniPi - Universal Raspberry Pi Add-on Board More
Pi-Top - A DIY Raspberry Pi Model B+ Laptop Kit. More
Anywhere Console for Raspberry Pi More
Mating socket for Rpi I/O header More
Longer Ribbon Cable for Pi Cam board More
Portable Uninterruptible power supply for Raspberry Pi More


A new journey started in RS Components

This is Yingyi, a Year 3 student from Republic Polytechnic. I will be work in RS Components as an in.......

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The Museum of the Shared Now - an interactive art

A few months ago I was given an art award to create an exhibition this October........

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FORTHdsPIC on a MicroStick

The last episode of the FORTHdsPIC saga introduced version 0.5 with its new ability to work in an em.......

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Simplified Communications - I²C and SPI

Many of today's modern sensors, actuators, display, memory and other IC's come with an external inte.......

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A closer look and initial hands-on with the MIPS C

First boot and thoughts on the featured-packed MIPS Creator CI20 development platform........

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Music Tech Fest

Ever heard of Music Tech Fest? Here we tell you what it is, when it is and why we at RS Components a.......

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Pete Wood


Ten essential Raspberry Pi projects

Ten projects for the Raspberry Pi that range from educational to fun via highly useful.This is by no.......

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Raspberry Pi joystick

After getting MAME going on my Raspberry Pi so that I could play old arcade games. I wante.......

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My Raspberry Pi Thinks It's a Mainframe!

As the Raspberry Pi started to ship the Sinclair ZX Spectrum turned 30 years old, and comparisons we.......

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Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam's bring together Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and even those who would like to learn more about Raspberry Pi, and how to get the best out of it.


The group was started in Summer 2012 and meets at RS DesignSpark on the Oxford Business Park North. The group consists of many varied people with varying skills in software, teaching, electronics and so much more! The Oxford Raspberry Jam Jan 2013

The Oxford Raspberry Jam April 2013

The Oxford Raspberry Jam Feb 2014

Find out how you can join the Jam

Easy as Pi:  Technology Day

Pete Wood and his team from RS Electronics and Design Spark brought along 10 Raspberry Pis and taught 7 to 9 year old kids how to program in Python. Miles Berry and his team from Roehampton Insitute got the kids programming using Scratch, they created animal sprites and got them to dance around the screen. Read About Tech Day

London Sci-Fi Show

Dr Bill Marshall of RS Components celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer at the London Sci-Fi show and demonstrates Raspberry Pi emulating the Spectrum with the Fuse Spectrum emulator ported across by Andy Taylor. See Bill's write up of the event

London Pi Meet Up

Now that the Raspberry Pi has started to ship excitement has notched up a level as tweets and blog posts provide tantalising insights into early experiences with the computer. Spurred on by this excitement, a few of us decided that it would be fun to have a meetup to discuss these experiences in person and to share ideas. Thus the London Raspberry Pi Meetup was born. Read About the London Pi Meet up



Andrew Back talks to industry leaders about how Raspberry Pi will affect the future of electronics and computing

Pi Perspectives: Alex van Someren (Amadeus Capital

Alex van Someren is a partner at Amadeus Capital and previously co-founded security technology compa.......

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Pi Perspectives: Miles Berry (Naace)

Miles Berry is Chair of the National Association of Advisers for Computers in Education, Subject Lea.......

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Pi Perspectives: Dr Jeremy Bennett (Embecosm)

Dr Jeremy Bennett is Chief Executive of Embecosm, a provider of embedded development tools and servi.......

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Gavon: Chess Programming with pcDuino

Gavon, a portable, commercial chess system by Josu Bergara Ede with the look and feel o.......

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Demonstrations at Electronica

Here we take a look at all of the demonstrations and talks on the RS stand at electronica 2014, and .......

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Running PicoScope 6 on the BeagleBone Black

Introduction The ARM processor is ubiquitous, with its instruction set architecture being the most .......

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pcDuino8 dev board with Allwinner A80 in the works

The makers of the recently-launched pcDuino3 single board computer are already working on .......

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Use pcDuino3 to do a weekly pcDuino3 give away swe

pcDuino team decided to do a weekly pcDuino3 give away sweepstakes for our tweeter account @pcDuino........

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Use pcDuino as Photo Booth Controller

pcDuino can control different SLR cameras such as Nikon D40 through an USB connection using an utili.......

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Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Video Module Raspberry Pi Camera Boar

Price £16.20
Product Detail

RasPiComm extension for Raspberry Pi

RasPiComm extension for Raspberry Pi

Price £32.50
Product Detail

Raspberry Pi Type B 512MB

Raspberry Pi Type B 512MB

Price £24.35
Product Detail



Eben Upton

Eben delivers the first batch of Pi's to RS

Raspberry Pi Manufacture Raspberry Pi Manufacture Picture 2

Testing the Pi's in production at our China based Contract Manufacturer


What is the Raspberry Pi (Model B)

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Model A

Eben Delivers Pi's RS dispatches Raspberry Pi's RS on ITV The Pi in Education Raspberry Pi Quake Demo Raspberry Pi XBMC

Raspberry Pi Camera


The inspiration behind DesignSpark

We know that you didn’t get into engineering just for the electronics! You went into it for the big ideas. To create products that impact on everyday lives, and improve them. To satisfy your hunger for problem solving – no matter how big the challenge, or how small the semiconductor.

You went into engineering to spark something incredible. But between you and the ‘eureka moments’ are barriers.  Lots of them. And they’re getting more tedious and time-consuming by the day despite all the advances in technology and software. With time-to-market windows getting smaller and design teams shrinking too, the pressure on your projects can be enormous. Especially with everincreasing workloads.

Finding the time to focus on innovation – the reason you joined the industry is the biggest challenge of them all.  That’s why we at RS Components created a community for engineers called DesignSpark – to give you this precious time back.

We provide you with the tools you need to truly differentiate your products, and make those big ideas happen.

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