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The mbed Microcontrollers are a series of ARM based  development boards designed for fast, flexible and low-risk professional rapid prototyping.

Packaged as a small 40-pin 0.1" DIP form-factor convenient for prototyping with solderless breadboard, stripboard, and through-hole PCBs. They include a built-in USB programming interface that is as simple as using a USB Flash Drive. Plug it in, drop on an ARM program binary, and its up and running!

mbed boards
mbed M0 NXP LPC11U24 (left) and mbed M3 NXP LPC1768 (right)


Instant access to your lightweight C/C++ microcontroller development environment

The online mbed Compiler provides a lightweight online C/C++ IDE that is pre-configured to let you quickly write programs and compile and download them to run on your mbed Microcontroller. In fact, you don't have to install or set up anything to get running with mbed. Because it is a web app, you can log in from anywhere and carry on where you left off, and you are free to work on Windows, Mac or Linux, or all three


The C/C++ software platform and libraries for fast and flexible microcontroller prototyping

The mbed SDK provides a solid C/C++ startup environment and peripheral abstraction libraries to enable clean API-driven coding for microcontrollers. Much of the low-level work normally associated with microcontroller code development can be eliminated, meaning less time spent with datasheets and more on developing and iterating your application prototypes.


mbed table

Is MBed for me? 

  You can order your mbed at RS, but before you do, check it is for you!

What MBed is good for

mbed is designed for quick experimentation and iteration, where the focus is trying something out rather than optimising a solution. And that means it is good for anyone from professional embedded engineers to people with expertise outside embedded exploring it for the first time. Think of it as a pencil and paper, compared to a CAD program (the professional tools). If you think it is for you, you can go ahead and order one!

Aaron Berk's MBED & EDP Rover blog series:

1. Introduction

2. Chassis

3. Quadrature encoders

4. PID velocity control

5. Inertial measurement unit

Donatien's RFID tracking with MBED & EDP blog series:

1. Introduction

2. Using an RWD module to read Mifare cards IDs

3. Logging data on a MySQL server

4. Putting it all together

Check out the mbed Cookbook and course notes for more detail about mbed

mbed Applications Board


Explore all the features that the mbed platform has to offer.

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