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Welcome to the new DesignSpark!

Posted by Pete Wood on


The new engineering eco-system is here!


We’ve been busy over the past few months working to make some brand new developments to the DesignSpark community. You’ll see that the site has a brand new look and feel, improved online forum, navigation and search making it easier for you to share your ideas and find the information you are looking for.

In addition to the release of DesignSpark PCB ver4, boasting some great new features, We’ve also created ModelSource, a unique new web-based component library. Access over 80,000 FREE Schematic and PCB symbols in more than 20 formats, including PADS, ORCAD, ALTIUM and CADSTAR! These libraries are aligned with the RS board-level product offer and enable you to focus on innovation, research and development rather than spending time on creating the basic building blocks of your design.

A new BOM Quote function in PCB Version 4 provides an instant quotation for the components that you put into your PCB design; this cool feature will then automatically generate a BOM user report which will have the RS part number embedded in the new PCB component libraries. There is also a PCB Quote service to provide you with independent quote comparisons from bare-board PCB manufacturers based on your specifications. 

So, with all these new great features, DesignSpark tools provide a complete end-to-end design support for users. Don’t forget you can download these tools all for FREE!

After feedback from the DesignSpark community, we have now replaced the old ASK section with a Forum. Here you can more easily engage with peers, partners and industry experts and find solutions and answers. The content from the old ASK section will be migrated into the forum over the next few days.

Please feel free to leave us any feedback about the site in the forum.  Like any new site, we know there are a few rouge bugs out there!, so we are working hard to fix these asap.   We are also busy migrating the remaining content from the old DesignSpark, so please bear with us whilst we complete this.

We encourage you all to contribute to DesignSpark and share your Knowledge, Tools, Product Reviews and expertise on the Forum. It's easy, just use the "contribute to DesignSpark" menu on the Home Page.  If your interested in Blogging, drop us an email to info@designspark.com

We have lots of new and exciting features to add in the coming months, so watch this space!

DesignSpark Comunity Manager




  • boss Avatar boss

    Posted by boss at

    David, I quite like the new site, but..... I think you are missing an opportunity on the forums which such limited information in view at any one time. A list of recent posts, just one liners on the subject and perhaps the number of rplies would in my view stimulate more responses and use. On my laptop dispaly I see only 5 Design Spark posts in the list whereas looking at say for example the mbeds forum http://mbed.org/forum/mbed I see about 20 posts which I can scan quickly and they are in a different backgound colour if I have previously viewed them. Also when I go to reply to a post I can't see the text of the post I'm replying to, or any other responses! I then can't use the persons name or specific details except by memory........... (although strangely i can see previous replies to this post, but not yours!) using latest Firefox on Win XP SP3 I like most of the other features - Blog Tools - Design Cenre etc., but do think Design Spark PCB tutorials, videos (Broms training) etc. should be part of the Design Centre and indeed V3 and V4 specific items should be identified/ seperated. Hope these comments are useful.

  • franckralj Avatar franckralj

    Posted by franckralj at

    during installation is not libraries. only
    basic library


  • polskifiat Avatar polskifiat

    Posted by polskifiat at

    Hi does anyone know where I can find one large download library with a variety of components instead of having to download individual libraries

  • rohin Avatar rohin

    Posted by rohin at

    i didn't find 5w resistance wire wound footprint in design spark 3.0 .plz help me because i need it.some one plz tell me

  • nznat11 Avatar nznat11

    Posted by nznat11 at

    Every time i go to use 3D view, which i use all the time, the program crashes to the desktop, and "everything i was working on is lost". pleeeeeease help!


  • david tarrant Avatar david tarrant

    Posted by david tarrant at

    Hi Spiderkenny,

    MikeBK upload a knowledge items with the details;

    http://www.designspark.com/knowledge-it ... change-log

  • spiderkenny Avatar spiderkenny

    Posted by spiderkenny at

    Is there a full list of changes/bug fixes/enhancements for this release?
    in other word, where we can find the release notes?

  • david tarrant Avatar david tarrant

    Posted by david tarrant at

    All comments welcome. Let us know what you think. What do you like? What needs to improve?

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