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Blogs about Test

Blogs about Test

  • Supersonic!


    Problem solving is a fascinating fact of life. We all have goals. We all have things we must do and we all have problems to solve. Many problems seem impossible. But solving problems expands the boundaries of what is possible and moves us ever forward. Solutions can also provide unexpected spin-offs.


    • To Geek or Not to Geek

      Miki B

      Ah, Technology. We all use it, but to call myself a techno Geek is pushing it. Give me an iphone, and I’ll be lucky to switch it on, let alone be able to use it. I have an ipad, but it gathers dust as I find it too difficult to find what I am looking for, which is usually internet.


      • Measuring Faster


        The speed or the time taken complete something is often used as a comparator of performance - but how do you know what you are measuring is correct?


        • ENGINEERING: mindset, not a profession!

          Mike Brojak

          Some people love technology, some are not interested. Ever been at a party or other gathering where the moment someone says they’re an Engineer, you either have an instant burst of interest and a mental note “I’ve got to have a chat with her/him” or you barely skip this person’s introduction waiting for the next one? This is the barometer for your Engineering mindset


          • Is it explosion proof? Really?

            Connector Geek

            Standards are great.  Everybody has them.  Do you want to describe the exact colour of puce to paint your wagon?  There's a standard for that.  Do you want to find out how much cho