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Blogs about Sensors

Blogs about Sensors

  • Solar Energy Conversion using MIAC and Flowcode


    This work introduces an approach to the design of a boost converter for a photovoltaic (PV) system using the MIAC. The converter is designed to step up the variable voltage provided by a solar panel to a stable 24V, without any batteries. The output of the boost converter is monitored by the MIAC and used to adjust the duty cycle of a PWM control signal of the boost converter.


    • Arduino based PLC from Industrial Shields

      RS Components

      Industrial Shields manufactures open source industrial hardware to build machines, designs and installations in industrial automation and process control. Industrial Shields PLCs and Panel PCs are based on the most popular open source boards such as Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Mega, Raspberry Pi and Hummingboard; moreover, they support open source operative systems like Android and Linux.


      • PID Control in Flowcode


        PID control is used extensively in industry to control machinery and maintain working environments etc. The fundamentals of PID control are fairly straightforward, but implementing them in practise can prove to be a uphill struggle. In this article we provide a clear explanation of how PID control works and also a couple of Flowcode example files designed to demonstrate how PID control is performed.


        • FORTHdsPIC and a ‘Kill Switch’

          Bill Marshall

          In my last post I described how to get FORTdsPIC running on wheels, seeking out light while avoiding bumping into the furniture. In other words making it an autonomous vehicle, admittedly somewhat lacking in intelligence, but able to make directional decisions based on data from its sensors. A feature of such a vehicle is that it starts working from power on, so how do you bring it to a stop without just turning the power off?


          • Getting up to speed with IoT chatter


            As OpenTRV's IoT Launchpad project gets warmed up, we're learning about the different 'M2M' data backhaul options once we leave the comfort of the home and office...