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Blogs about Sensors

Blogs about Sensors

  • Australopithèque, le robot de Šikula Robotik avance !


    La dernière apparition publique de l’association Šikula Robotik a eu lieu lors de la coupe de Bretagne en mars dernier. Le robot Australopithèque y évoluait péniblement, mais beaucoup de chemin a été parcouru depuis ! Cet article vous propose de découvrir ses avancées à presque un mois de la coupe de France.


    • Is Number Five really Alive? (Number One is still pretty Dumb)

      Bill Marshall

      Finally, after months of late nights working in the lab, this collection of servomotors, microcontrollers and bits of bent metal is ready to come alive. All it needs now is a brain to give it intelligence, to allow it to think for itself, to operate autonomously: to be a robot. But what is ‘intelligence’ and can it be programmed in computer code? I have a ‘Smart’ phone, but what does ‘Smart’ mean? One thing’s for sure, a lot of research is required just to work out where to start.


      • Oxford Raspberry Jam - Feb 2014

        Pete Wood

        As the Raspberry Pi marks its 2nd Anniversary, we thought we'd round up a few familiar faces, as well as some new ones, and get together for another Raspberry Jam Show and Tell Session!


        • PocketQube: CubeSat’s Little Brother

          Bill Marshall

          In April 2012 I posted a DesignSpark blog post on the launch into Earth orbit of tiny, cheap Nanosat satellites built to a standard pattern called a CubeSat. Thanks to the miniaturisation of electronics the format is one of a 10cm cube. Femtosats are even smaller: one design, called a PocketQube, is basically a 5cm cube and eight would fit inside a CubeSat. Surely a step too far?


          • EarthRover - Ra the Sun God - Part1


            Would you plan a trip without checking out where your going first? Well the same applies if you're going to Mars or going to the beach. So in this blog I’m going to look at the weather on Earth, more importantly the sun and the power we can get from it!


            • How will your company measure up in the British Engineering Excellence Awards?


              The British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) aim to demonstrate and promote the quality of engineering design within the UK; to emphasise innovation and effectiveness in order to allow smaller companies to compete on an equal footing with larger ones; to act as an incentive to the design engineering industry to create world-class businesses; to provide a benchmark of excellence from which the industry can learn and from which it can build; and to demonstrate the power of engineering design innovation within the UK to the world.