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Blogs about Robots

Blogs about Robots

  • Henry Hover drone tutorial


    Drones are widely being adopted into commercial applications. Companies like Amazon and Domino's Pizza are experimenting with drone delivery and it won't be long before the skies are full of them.


    • Sensing and Control with FORTHdsPIC

      Bill Marshall

      My last two blog posts on FORTHdsPIC featured its ability to provide some basic control for a simple 4-servo ‘humanoid’ robot, and its transfer to a Microchip MicroStick II development board. I wanted to add sensor capabilities and felt these would be easier to demonstrate on a conventional wheeled mobile robot based on the Parallax BoE-Bot hardware. The result is version 0.6 of the software and the need for additions to the user guide.


      • Creating the 6 DoF Platform - Pt1


        About 6 months ago we were invited by RS Components and DesignSpark to help exhibit on their stand at the Electronica exhibition in Germany. The requirements; create a demonstration which would showcase our software and its benefit in rapid prototyping, it had to run using the Arduino hardware platform and be interactive for exhibition visitors. Luckily for us, our Flowcode software is ideally suited to rapid prototyping, and programming Arduino devices is just as simple. Coincidence? Perhaps not.


        • The Beagle has Landed & Lunar Mission One Takes Off

          Bill Marshall

          On Christmas Day 2003 a sizeable proportion of the UK public joined Professor Colin Pillinger in the anxious wait to hear a tune composed by the band Blur, emanating from the Planet Mars. It would have signalled the successful arrival of the UK space probe Beagle 2 on the surface. We never got to hear the tune: Beagle 2 had vanished.


          • A triumph for #Philae and #cometlanding

            Bill Marshall

            The big-budget space explorer project mentioned in a previous blog post, Rosetta, reached a climax last week. The excitement began on Wednesday morning at about 9 o’clock when the comet lander Philae began its descent to the surface of comet 67P. Unlike the frantic ‘seven minutes of terror’ that preceded the robot rover Curiosity’s arrival on Mars, Philae’s journey took place in comparative slow-motion and lasted seven hours.


            • Johnny 6 is alive!


              Designing a custom plate for the Arduino Robot, adding jumbo LEDs and displaying readings from an ultrasonic distance sensor to the LCD.