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Blogs about Robots

Blogs about Robots

  • Your Car will soon be Driving You to Work

    Bill Marshall

    Last week a major car company announced they were spending $1billion setting up an artificial intelligence and robotics R & D lab in California. I think it’s fairly certain now that production driverless cars will soon be appearing on our roads.


    • Šikula Robotik Rules presentation French robotic cup 2016 : Beachbot (FR & EN)


      The rules of French robotics cup 2016 were published approximately one month ago. We offer you a quick presentation of those new rules and... challenges. It is a fun, scientific and technical amateur robotics challenge. It's about designing fully autonomous robots (power and AI). This year, Šikula Robotik will present two teams : Axolotl (Sikula Robotik) which is an evolution of our advance robot and Zaurak (Sikula Robotic) which is our "energy aware" robot project. Les règles de la Coupe de France de Robotique 2016 ont été publiées il y a environ un mois. Nous vous proposons un résumé de ces nouvelles règles et... défis. C'est un challenge amateur de robotique amusant, scientifique et technique. Il s'agit de mettre au potin des robots totalement autonomes (énergie et intelligence). Cette année Šikula Robotik présentera deux équipes : Axolotl (Sikula Robotik) qui constitue une évolution de notre robot avancé et Zaurak (Sikula Robotik) qui est un projet de robot énergiquement original.


      • Šikula Robotik at FestivalD


        We were very excited about FestivalD, a big event in Nantes dedicated to Do-It-Yourself philosophy and projects. This event took place the 26-27th september week-end and we had a stand to present our robot there!


        • Talking to the Formula AllCode robot using the Raspberry Pi


          The Formula AllCode robotics course is great for makers to test their skills and capabilities or for introducing learners to programming and robotics in a fun and motivating way. The robot is compatible with hardware from Raspberry Pi to Android to iPhone, Windows PC's, MAC and more. This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up a Raspberry Pi with a USB Bluetooth dongle so it can communicate with AllCode. Once the set-up is complete, we’ll be able to send simple commands to toggle LED’s, receive information from sensors, just to show some of the functionalities of the Formula AllCode.