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Blogs about Robots

Blogs about Robots

  • Is Number Five really Alive? (Number One is still pretty Dumb)

    Bill Marshall

    Finally, after months of late nights working in the lab, this collection of servomotors, microcontrollers and bits of bent metal is ready to come alive. All it needs now is a brain to give it intelligence, to allow it to think for itself, to operate autonomously: to be a robot. But what is ‘intelligence’ and can it be programmed in computer code? I have a ‘Smart’ phone, but what does ‘Smart’ mean? One thing’s for sure, a lot of research is required just to work out where to start.


    • Oxford Raspberry Jam - Feb 2014

      Pete Wood

      As the Raspberry Pi marks its 2nd Anniversary, we thought we'd round up a few familiar faces, as well as some new ones, and get together for another Raspberry Jam Show and Tell Session!


      • AG de Šikula Robotik : l'association s'implique


        L'assemblée générale de l'association Šikula Robotik s'est tenue au début du mois de février et c'est sans surprise que ses membres ont reconduit sa participation à la coupe de France de robotique.


        • PocketQube: CubeSat’s Little Brother

          Bill Marshall

          In April 2012 I posted a DesignSpark blog post on the launch into Earth orbit of tiny, cheap Nanosat satellites built to a standard pattern called a CubeSat. Thanks to the miniaturisation of electronics the format is one of a 10cm cube. Femtosats are even smaller: one design, called a PocketQube, is basically a 5cm cube and eight would fit inside a CubeSat. Surely a step too far?


          • Soft Humans, Hard robots

            Bill Marshall

            There’s no getting away from it: robots are taking over the world. People have been saying this for decades but somehow the intelligence of Robby the Robot in the film Forbidden Planet (1956) still eludes us. In an article for the RS magazine eTech post- Fukushima disaster 2011, I attempted to match what we thought the rescue robots could do against the reality. The result was distinctly depressing. Over two years later have things moved on?


            • The Art of Tech

              Pete Wood

              As engineers, we all like taking things apart. I recently caught up with Nye Thompson, an artist who literally turned taking things apart into an art form


              • [ŠikulaRobotik] Compiling for BeagleBoneBlack


                This is the third article of a series about BeagleBoneBlack by Šikula Robotik association. In last post, we set up network connections. In this article we will discuss how to compile for BeagleBoneBlack by three different ways: compilation on board, cross-compilation and distributed compilation.


                • [ŠikulaRobotik] Connecting BeagleBoneBlack


                  This is the second article of a series about BeagleBoneBlack by Šikula Robotik association. In last post, we have seen how to setup a Linux distribution on BBB and what happens during boot process. We will now connect the BBB to the network, firstlyby using a traditionnal Ethernet port, and with an Ethernet over USB link afterwards. Wireless connections are out of scope in this article.


                  • FORTHdsPIC passes another milestone

                    Bill Marshall

                    Some months ago I embarked upon a project to write a FORTH language interpreter/compiler from scratch to run on a Microchip PIC24 or dsPIC microcontroller. This questionable use of time was inspired by three things: the arrival of the FIGnition computer board, a desire to get back to assembler language programming and the rediscovery of a FORTH interpreter/compiler I wrote for the 8085 back in 1982. I have just added the source code for Version 0.3 to the DesignSpark knowledge base.