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Blogs about Research Phase

Blogs about Research Phase

  • Your Car will soon be Driving You to Work

    Bill Marshall

    Last week a major car company announced they were spending $1billion setting up an artificial intelligence and robotics R & D lab in California. I think it’s fairly certain now that production driverless cars will soon be appearing on our roads.


    • RGB LED Pixel Touch Sensitive Games Table - Part 1


      The brief was simple, I wanted a new coffee table for my front room and decided to build my own. As I was building my own I could add in some electronics to make the table more functional and useful. When I say useful I probably mean entertaining. In this article I go through some introductory steps as to how I made my LED touch sensitive table.


      • When the Blockchain Technology meets the Internet of Things


        In this ever-growing world of technology, we are staring to hear how the Internet of Things (IoT) is bound to change our homes, our offices and our cities. At the same time we are starting to hear more and more talk in the financial industry about the Blockchain. What happens when the Blockchain Technology meets the Internet of Things?


        • Using Flowcode and Eblocks to create Arcade Games – Pong


          One of the best ways to learn programming is to create a game. It forces your hand to try and keep things fast and efficient but also when your finished it gives you something entertaining you can play and share with your friends. In this article we demonstrate how to quickly develop a simple Pong game with Flowcode, and also implement it into hardware using E-Blocks.


          • RS India DesignSpark PCB Contest 2015


            New Delhi: RS India DesignSpark PCB Contest 2015, was unveiled at India's largest platform of Indian PCB association, IPCA Electronics 2015 exhibition on 20th Aug' 2015. Industry leaders from the PCB manufacturing sector as well as Design Engineers from the wide horizen of Electronics sector witnessed the grand launch of the Contest. RS India DesignSpark PCB Contest 2015 announcement was then followed up with the DesignSpark Workshop at the dedicated allocated space at the exhibition ground.


            • Solar Energy Conversion using MIAC and Flowcode


              This work introduces an approach to the design of a boost converter for a photovoltaic (PV) system using the MIAC. The converter is designed to step up the variable voltage provided by a solar panel to a stable 24V, without any batteries. The output of the boost converter is monitored by the MIAC and used to adjust the duty cycle of a PWM control signal of the boost converter.