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Blogs about PIC

Blogs about PIC

  • Virtual Lab


    The main objective of this project is to allow users to be able to make measurements on the circuits connected to the Red Pitaya. In order to achieve this, the Red Pitaya would be connected to the internet, whereby users can access the Red Pitaya anywhere, as long as they are connected to the internet.


    • PCB & 3D CAD Design Workshop at the University of Hertfordshire

      RS University

      The University of Hertfordshire and RS University are hosting a two-day workshop reserved for engineering academics, students and professionals. It takes place at the University of Hertfordshire on the 14th and 15th January 2016. We believe that this event will enable you to master 3D CAD and PCB design tools, DesignSpark PCB and DesignSpark Mechanical, which are available without charge to academia.


      • Mood Light Project using E-blocks or Arduino


        We know how much everyone loves LED lighting at the minute, so we thought we would create this article using Flowcode 6 and E-blocks; to show you how to create mood lighting! The objective of this project is to design and build a microcontroller-based Mood Light using an inexpensive tri-colour RGB LED.


        • Talking to the Formula AllCode robot using the Raspberry Pi


          The Formula AllCode robotics course is great for makers to test their skills and capabilities or for introducing learners to programming and robotics in a fun and motivating way. The robot is compatible with hardware from Raspberry Pi to Android to iPhone, Windows PC's, MAC and more. This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up a Raspberry Pi with a USB Bluetooth dongle so it can communicate with AllCode. Once the set-up is complete, we’ll be able to send simple commands to toggle LED’s, receive information from sensors, just to show some of the functionalities of the Formula AllCode.


          • Red Pitaya competition. And the winner is...


            And the Winner is... In June we offered you a chance to win a Red Pitaya by simply sharing your innovative and creative application ideas of what you would use this versatile open source measurement and control tool for.