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Blogs about Microcontrollers

Blogs about Microcontrollers

  • Sensing and Control with FORTHdsPIC

    Bill Marshall

    My last two blog posts on FORTHdsPIC featured its ability to provide some basic control for a simple 4-servo ‘humanoid’ robot, and its transfer to a Microchip MicroStick II development board. I wanted to add sensor capabilities and felt these would be easier to demonstrate on a conventional wheeled mobile robot based on the Parallax BoE-Bot hardware. The result is version 0.6 of the software and the need for additions to the user guide.


    • Using the Matrix MIAC PLC as a safety device for a CNC Milling Machine


      Part of my job is to commission new production machinery and to work closely with the rest of the team to ensure that everyone can use the new machines as safely as possible. Our latest new bit of kit is a CNC milling machine, which we’ll use to improve the quality of our Locktronics and Automatics products. However, installing such a powerful new machine presented us with a few challenges before we could begin using it in earnest!


      • Creating the 6 DoF Platform - Pt3


        In this, the final in a series of 3 articles, we discuss the finishing touches to the platform, and the conversion of the microcnntroller to a PIC based system and Matrix's own hardware.


        • Arduino workshop


          To share the wonderful experience we had thanks to the workshop supported by RS Component and Cassiopedia Limited.


          • Creating the 6 DoF Platform – Pt2


            In this follow-up blog article we will discuss how we created an Android based application to run on a tablet which transmitted XY rotation data out over Bluetooth to our Arduino. We will also discuss the Bluetooth module we attached to our Arduino and how this was programmed in Flowcode. Finally, we will discuss how we created the maze structure for the top of the platform using 3D design Software and a laser cutter.


            • New Flowcode Component; Wireless Things/ Ciseco - SRF Module


              We recently had a chance meeting with a UK based company called Wireless Things (formerly known as Ciseco) who introduced us to their range of products. To sum it up, they have 2 main lines that were of immediate interest to us; an RF module, called an SRF, which connects via the UART and allows very simple transmission of data over some impressive distances.


              • Creating the 6 DoF Platform - Pt1


                About 6 months ago we were invited by RS Components and DesignSpark to help exhibit on their stand at the Electronica exhibition in Germany. The requirements; create a demonstration which would showcase our software and its benefit in rapid prototyping, it had to run using the Arduino hardware platform and be interactive for exhibition visitors. Luckily for us, our Flowcode software is ideally suited to rapid prototyping, and programming Arduino devices is just as simple. Coincidence? Perhaps not.