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Blogs about Microcontrollers

Blogs about Microcontrollers

  • FORTHdsPIC on a MicroStick

    Bill Marshall

    The last episode of the FORTHdsPIC saga introduced version 0.5 with its new ability to work in an embedded ‘turnkey’ application. I thought I’d take a break from adding new functionality and try porting it across to a more mainstream platform – the Microchip MicroStick II. Production of a User Manual also seemed to be a good idea.


    • Flowcode I2C - Master and Slave


      In our previous DesignSpark blog article we discussed I2C and SPI busses; their practical applications, limitations and typical usages. In this article we will discuss some new Flowcode development work we are currently in the process of undertaking which will enable users to benefit from I2C slave mode.


      • Simplified Communications - I²C and SPI


        Many of today's modern sensors, actuators, display, memory and other IC's come with an external interface allowing them to be controlled from a master device. This master device could be a simple microcontroller or it could be something more advanced like a Linux based Raspberry Pi. By far the most commonly used interface buses used by these devices are I²C and SPI. Both I²C and SPI are available in Master and Slave modes with the Master controlling all operations and the Slave listening to what the Master is telling it.


        • CAN bus communications – design and analysis using Flowcode 6


          CAN bus is a great way to connect several microcontrollers together as it can cope with large distances or noisy environments and it works very well. This is why the automotive industry made CAN bus a required standard for communication for all modern cars. As well as automotive applications the CAN bus can also be used for many other applications and is very simple to implement.


          • Red Pitaya competition. And the winner is...


            And the Winner is... In June we offered you a chance to win a Red Pitaya by simply sharing your innovative and creative application ideas of what you would use this versatile open source measurement and control tool for.


            • An Interview with Ivan Rajkovic of MikroElektronika


              I recently had a chance to review the mikroC Pro for ARM IDE as part of MikroElektronika’s 10 year anniversary celebrating the release of their first IDE. As part of that review, I was able to interview Ivan Rajkovic, Manager of Software Development about their mikroC Pro for ARM. I was impressed with the very genuine responses to my questions.