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Blogs about Microcontrollers

Blogs about Microcontrollers

  • Arduino Powered Useless Machine


    The idea is simple enough. It is a kind of modern day jack-in-a-box. It just sits there tempting the user to switch it “on”. When you do, the lid opens and a mischievous little leaver emerges and switches itself back “off” again. Each time you activate the switch you get a slightly different pattern of behaviour but it just keeps switching itself off, whatever you do.


    • ENGINEERING: mindset, not a profession!

      Mike Brojak

      Some people love technology, some are not interested. Ever been at a party or other gathering where the moment someone says they’re an Engineer, you either have an instant burst of interest and a mental note “I’ve got to have a chat with her/him” or you barely skip this person’s introduction waiting for the next one? This is the barometer for your Engineering mindset


      • HKUST team bags Championship in 11th HK/Asia IET/MATE Underwater Robot Challenge


        The HKUST ROV team, consisting of 14 undergraduate students from the School of Engineering, has once again secured the 1st place in the Explorer class of the 11th Hong Kong/Asia Regional IET/MATE Underwater Robot Challenge held on the 16th - 17th April 2016, in King George V International School. The victory sees the team to qualify and proceed to the international competition in this coming June which will be held at the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, USA.


        • Saving Vultures with Microduino and a Raspberry Pi


          How do you save a species of animals from possible extinction using Microduino and a Raspberry Pi? That is a challenge that the team at Microduino are hoping that they have answered with their new EggDuino project, aimed to save one of the most infamous birds of prey on the planet.


          • Home and Industrial Automation


            An introduction to a series to help engineers and hobbyists alike to get to grips with automation and the protocols needed to make it work This series is presented by Peter Oakes The videos to accompany this presentation can be found here “www.youtube.com/c/thebreadboardca” This presentation has been made possible with the help from RS-Components