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Blogs about Microcontrollers

Blogs about Microcontrollers

  • Is Number Five really Alive? (Number One is still pretty Dumb)

    Bill Marshall

    Finally, after months of late nights working in the lab, this collection of servomotors, microcontrollers and bits of bent metal is ready to come alive. All it needs now is a brain to give it intelligence, to allow it to think for itself, to operate autonomously: to be a robot. But what is ‘intelligence’ and can it be programmed in computer code? I have a ‘Smart’ phone, but what does ‘Smart’ mean? One thing’s for sure, a lot of research is required just to work out where to start.


    • A Nano-amp Probe Capable of Validating Low Power MCU Consumption Claims.


      In the mid 1980s, it was unusual to find semiconductors operating at supply currents below milliamp levels. Rarely was efficiency a major design consideration either. Back then, several tools suited the task of measuring current draw. However, with the advances made in the last three decades, combined with a global drive to increasing system efficiencies powered by the drive to portable electronics, many more products are now capable of operating at miserly micro and nano-amp current levels – that's at levels as much as a million times lower than were typical 30 years ago.


      • FIGnition gets a keyboard

        Bill Marshall

        In the summer of 2013 RS Components began selling the FIGnition computer board in the form of a bag full of components: no plug-and-play here – you have to solder it together before running programs. The inFUZE version, exclusive to RS, is pre-programmed with a number of sample programs, utilities and games for which the simple keypad is perfectly adequate. As I pointed out in the original product review, a full keyboard is fairly essential for entering large amounts of your own source code. So here it is, FIGKeys the PS/2 keyboard interface shield.


        • PocketQube: CubeSat’s Little Brother

          Bill Marshall

          In April 2012 I posted a DesignSpark blog post on the launch into Earth orbit of tiny, cheap Nanosat satellites built to a standard pattern called a CubeSat. Thanks to the miniaturisation of electronics the format is one of a 10cm cube. Femtosats are even smaller: one design, called a PocketQube, is basically a 5cm cube and eight would fit inside a CubeSat. Surely a step too far?


          • Microchip Masters 2013 - India


            Registration opens for Microchip's annual India MASTERs Conferences Premiere technical training events for embedded-control engineers to be held in Bangalore andPune; Classes available for all experience levels, from beginner to expert 19 September 2013 [NASDAQ: MCHP] — Microchip Technology Inc.