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Blogs about LED

Blogs about LED

  • DS PCB - Quick and Clean Tips ‘n’ Tricks (Part I - Entry Made Easy)


    A.Planning If you are a first time DS user or someone who wants to take the plunge, this blog is for you. The first frustration any designer faces would be to not able to find ready-made symbols to suit his/her own style of design. The subject of discussion is not about availability of symbols and footprints in DesignSpark and for the record, you will be happy to know that they are available in abundance. Personal choices of designers and customers could differ and necessitate custom-suited libraries that could come in handy while the design ideas are flowing. A little bit of Planning could prove very useful when starting with DesignSpark. Come, let us see how you can kick-start your design.


    • A Short Story For Engineers


      A toothpaste factory had a problem: Due to the way the production line was set up, sometimes empty boxes were shipped without a tube of toothpaste inside.


      • It’s our 6th Birthday but the gifts are for you!


        Join us as we celebrate DesignSpark’s 6th Birthday… all week long! Six years ago, it all started out with a dream by RS Components to build a community of talented engineers, students and innovators that we could help to shape the future… Today, the DesignSpark community is made up of over 450,000 members from countries all over the world and is still growing each month.


        • Star Trek, Lego and other things…


          I’ve tried to deny my inner geek many, many times. I know, to some of you I may seem like the suave, sophisticated, somewhat mysterious man-about-town (jokes) but truth be told I am a geek plain and simple. My passion? Outer Space.


          • Supersonic!


            Problem solving is a fascinating fact of life. We all have goals. We all have things we must do and we all have problems to solve. Many problems seem impossible. But solving problems expands the boundaries of what is possible and moves us ever forward. Solutions can also provide unexpected spin-offs.


            • 3D Printer Technology Takes Over

              Juliet Rogers

              The world of 3D printing is becoming more prominent. It is amazing what you can create using these machines. Pushing the boundaries of technology inventors and designers are creating prosthetic limbs using 3D printing methods. Creating solid 3-dimensional objects using digital files is now straight forward; limbs such as hands and arms have been completed.


              • Engineering with Valyrian Steel


                What if Valyrian steel actually existed? How would the engineers of Westeros use this metal in their new designs? This article imagines what the practical uses of Valyrian steel might be (alongside sword-making and defeating White Walkers).