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Blogs about Industrial Applications

Blogs about Industrial Applications

  • Using the Matrix MIAC PLC as a safety device for a CNC Milling Machine


    Part of my job is to commission new production machinery and to work closely with the rest of the team to ensure that everyone can use the new machines as safely as possible. Our latest new bit of kit is a CNC milling machine, which we’ll use to improve the quality of our Locktronics and Automatics products. However, installing such a powerful new machine presented us with a few challenges before we could begin using it in earnest!


    • Creating the 6 DoF Platform - Pt3


      In this, the final in a series of 3 articles, we discuss the finishing touches to the platform, and the conversion of the microcnntroller to a PIC based system and Matrix's own hardware.


      • Sri Lankan Mini Hydro Generator based on a Matrix TSL MIAC PLC


        Consider the scene; a small valley in Sri Lanka. A river in the valley has been used for several years to provide power to a small hydro power station which supplies the national grid system. A part of the river flow is diverted through a channel along the side of the valley to a holding tank. The water from the tank is then fed to a turbine which generates electricity. In this article we discuss how an industrial PLC unit (MIAC) was used to control and automate a mini hydro generator on a system which has been manually operated for many years previously.