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Blogs about Industrial Applications

Blogs about Industrial Applications

  • New capabilities for ‘drag and drop’ panel meter design


    Introducing new features to the PanelPilotACE platform to increase the flexibility of the system and to extend its potential applications. Lascar Electronics has now added powerful new interfacing and maths tools to the PanelPilotACE software package, Design Studio, all of which can all be implemented without users needing to write a single line of code.


    • Flowcode and MIAC controlling time in Oxfordshire


      Flowcode 6 and MIAC users and bespoke clock manufacturers and repairers, Smith of Derby share a wonderful example of how these growing-in-popularity development tools can allow manufacturers to develop quick solutions for market needs and use the hardware in product development too.


      • Arduino based PLC from Industrial Shields

        RS Components

        Industrial Shields manufactures open source industrial hardware to build machines, designs and installations in industrial automation and process control. Industrial Shields PLCs and Panel PCs are based on the most popular open source boards such as Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Mega, Raspberry Pi and Hummingboard; moreover, they support open source operative systems like Android and Linux.


        • MOULD: Not just found on food


          In this blog post Lapp Group highlight the stringent hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry and why it is important to apply these requirements to the cables and cable accessories within the factories. The build up of microbes and the damage from water can have a profound effect on the cable applications of the machinery in these plants. Lapp Group offer a innovative solution using cables made from ROBUST materials.


          • Design & Build


            How to both design and build your very own prototype models using DesignSpark Mechanical CAD software and an EnvisionTEC Micro XL printer.


            • PID Control in Flowcode


              PID control is used extensively in industry to control machinery and maintain working environments etc. The fundamentals of PID control are fairly straightforward, but implementing them in practise can prove to be a uphill struggle. In this article we provide a clear explanation of how PID control works and also a couple of Flowcode example files designed to demonstrate how PID control is performed.