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Blogs about Education & Learning Applications

Blogs about Education & Learning Applications

  • HANDY-CAP: Final Blog


    The competition has reached his final stage and our group has finished the major part of our project which is the HW board.


    • FORTHdsPIC gets its compiler & more ‘Bare-Metal’

      Bill Marshall

      In a previous post I introduced my latest project which started out as an exercise in familiarisation of PIC24/dsPIC assembly language programming but morphed into the development of a FORTH interpreter/compiler. Version 0.1 saw a working interpreter with a limited number of FORTH ‘words’. The compiler and a fairly standard word set are now operational with Version 0.2.


      • The PI and the APC

        Bill Marshall

        A few months ago DesignSpark had a brief review of the APC or Android Personal Computer, seen as a possible rival to the Raspberry Pi. I say possible, because despite a flashy website proclaiming the arrival of a ‘$49 Bicycle for the Mind’, it seemed remarkably difficult to get hold of. Things have moved quickly and RS is now the European distributer for the APC and has it in stock. Is it a ‘Pi-Killer’ though?