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Blogs about Design Phase

Blogs about Design Phase

  • Development of a Hardware Prototype – Exerwise


    Exerwise is an exciting tech statup based in Galway, Ireland that aims to create a product that encourages young children to take 60 minutes of exercise in a day. We here at Mint Tek Circuits recently sat down with Exerwise’s COO, Nicola O’Sullivan, and talked to her about her startup and the challenges they face.


    • ENGINEERING: mindset, not a profession!

      Mike Brojak

      Some people love technology, some are not interested. Ever been at a party or other gathering where the moment someone says they’re an Engineer, you either have an instant burst of interest and a mental note “I’ve got to have a chat with her/him” or you barely skip this person’s introduction waiting for the next one? This is the barometer for your Engineering mindset


      • Batman’s Raspberry Pi Hack, true Internet of Things?


        Ok so you got this far, kudos. We all get a bit of a tizzy on when batman flashes tech across the big screen, or your hand held device, and start thinking “could that happen, how do you make one of those?” and start to lose the plot. And we have all spent time with a Pi or Arduino ( other boards are available) trying to change some basics, but maybe we are looking through the wrong end of the telescope app.


        • Hardware Accelerators for Startups


          Establishing a startup is difficult but establishing a hardware startup brings its own set of challenges. Not only do you have to do the normal market research, you have to establish connections and, crucially, you have to design and manufacture a prototype. Mint Tek recently reviewed a blog by a local hardware startup about these challenges.