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Blogs about Design Phase

Blogs about Design Phase

  • Music Tech Fest


    Ever heard of Music Tech Fest? Here we tell you what it is, when it is and why we at RS Components are sponsoring it.


    • CodeXtremeApps 2014: Lessons Learnt From Singapore's Biggest Hackathon


      When dealing with hardware such as the Raspberry Pi, we need to be aware it adds another layer of complexity to your solution, as well as another point of failure. Therefore, more thinking needs to done to acknowledge this. We discuss the things that could go wrong during a Hackathon involving the Raspberry Pi, and discuss mitigation techniques.


      • Matrix TSL - New USB Project Board


        The new USB Project Board from Matrix is a USB powered PIC Micro microcontroller development board, which features an integrated motor driver chip to enable high current outputs. It seamlessly integrates with Flowcode 6 programming software.


        • RS India DesignSpark PCB Contest 2014


          Call for Participation!!! RS India is happy to announce first edition of RS India DesignSpark PCB (RS India DSPCB) Contest 2014. Contest aims to promote schematic & layout using DesignSpark PCB. It is open to students, electronics professionals, hobbyist who are interested in electronic design. There is no registration fee for participation but prior registration is mandatory! Last date for registration is Aug 15, 2014.


          • FORTHdsPIC gets Embedded and Walks Alone

            Bill Marshall

            Last year I embarked upon a project to write a FORTH language interpreter/compiler from scratch to run on a Microchip PIC24 or dsPIC microcontroller. So far most of the development has taken place on an RS Embedded Development Platform using Microchip PIM processor modules. By version 0.4, FORTH programs could be compiled and run in the device RAM with an attached host PC providing terminal emulation. Now with version 0.5 user programs can be transferred to the device non-volatile Flash memory and run without the host PC. In other words FORTHdsPIC can now be used in embedded applications.


            • The Quest to 3D Print the Holy Grail

              Pete Wood

              When Indiana Jones went on a dangerous quest to find the Holy Grail, he had to travel for miles, battle evil forces and get shot at… a lot. Andrew Lewis however went no further than his dining room, he just downloaded it and printed it using some wood based printer filament on his modified RepRapPro Ormerod 3D printer.