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Blogs about ARM

Blogs about ARM

  • [ŠikulaRobotik] Compiling for BeagleBoneBlack


    This is the third article of a series about BeagleBoneBlack by Šikula Robotik association. In last post, we set up network connections. In this article we will discuss how to compile for BeagleBoneBlack by three different ways: compilation on board, cross-compilation and distributed compilation.


    • [ŠikulaRobotik] Connecting BeagleBoneBlack


      This is the second article of a series about BeagleBoneBlack by Šikula Robotik association. In last post, we have seen how to setup a Linux distribution on BBB and what happens during boot process. We will now connect the BBB to the network, firstlyby using a traditionnal Ethernet port, and with an Ethernet over USB link afterwards. Wireless connections are out of scope in this article.


      • BVM visits Computex

        Mark BVM

        There is no doubt that Computex in Taipei is a little different from other trade shows. At Computex, the high tech industry collides with Asian traditions, creating an enigmatic oriental fusion of magic lanterns, chop sticks and cutting edge technology. The expo continues to grow year-on-year and is now spread across two sites, encompassing everything from the USB cable manufacturer, to the particularly impressive latest liquid nitrogen cooled, over-clocked motherboard, striving to achieve the ‘impossible’ benchmark. Add to this, the world’s most powerful amplifier system and you get a flavour of Computex’s vibe.


        • A Closer Look at Parallella

          Andrew Back

          As Parallella prototypes start to ship this post takes a look in more detail at what this potentially game changing single board computer provides and a few potential applications.