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Blogs about Arduino

Blogs about Arduino

  • Music Tech Fest


    Ever heard of Music Tech Fest? Here we tell you what it is, when it is and why we at RS Components are sponsoring it.


    • Video from OSHUG #34 — Teaching

      Andrew Back

      The May 2014 Open Source Hardware User Group meeting featured talks on experiences of using the LilyPad Arduino to teach basic electronics and coding, using the Raspberry Pi as an education tool, and MzTEK, a non-profit organisation that aims to redress the imbalance of women artists working in the fields of new media, computer arts, electronics and technology.


      • Low Cost 3D Printer - RepRapPro Ormerod


        3D printing is one area which has gained a lot of popularity over past few years. Not only 3D printers have caught the fancy of many tech savy creative people for making interesting 3D shapes, but they are also becoming more & more important part of electronics product design process in big/small design houses, R/D centres and product development centres etc.


        • The Quest to 3D Print the Holy Grail

          Pete Wood

          When Indiana Jones went on a dangerous quest to find the Holy Grail, he had to travel for miles, battle evil forces and get shot at… a lot. Andrew Lewis however went no further than his dining room, he just downloaded it and printed it using some wood based printer filament on his modified RepRapPro Ormerod 3D printer.


          • Oxford Raspberry Jam - Feb 2014

            Pete Wood

            As the Raspberry Pi marks its 2nd Anniversary, we thought we'd round up a few familiar faces, as well as some new ones, and get together for another Raspberry Jam Show and Tell Session!


            • DesignSpark PCB V6: the view from an educator

              DSpark PCB

              Jason Brett is an experienced lecturer in technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, Canada. Jason tells us about how DesignSpark PCB is exciting his students and helping him to “whip up” Arduino shields in his spare time.