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Raspberry Pi Kernal Panic - Keyboards

Posted by DesignSpark


There have now been two cases, to my Knowledge, where the R-Pi has been susceptable to USB keyboards. In the instances I am aware of the suspect keyboard, I think it was ELO (?) was removed after the R-PI failed boot-up with the message:-

Kernel panic - not syncing : fatal exception in interupt.

 The R-Pi booted up correctly wihtout the keyboard. The keyboard was tested on a Dell desktop without exhibiting any problems. My own Dell keyboard worked ok on the R-Pi. I exchanged the failing keyboard for a BTC and the R-Pi booted up correctly.




  • chriskeane Avatar chriskeane

    Posted by chriskeane at

    Make that three now.
    Duff keyboard: Advent (PCWorld own brand) model C112.
    Good keyboard: Dell model RT7D50
    As expected, when the Advent is plugged into the Dell desktop, it works fine.

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