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Molex Transportation Products

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Molex is a leader in this industry based on years of experience designing innovative products for the transportation and automotive markets.

CMC 32 Circuit Wire-to-Wire System


Molex recently introduced the 32 circuit sealed wire-to-wire version of the CMC connector system. By adopting a complete CMC connection system, harness makers need only one terminal system throughout the entire vehicle for both their wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications. For additional flexibility, the 32-circuit wire-to-wire male plug is designed for either bracket or clip mounting to accommodate the specific space and design requirements of each application.

Molex was the first supplier to design and develop the CMC connector and was one of the major players in the definition of the CMC interface standard. Designed to perform in high-conductivity applications and in harsh environments, the CMC hybrid connector provides a sealed, high-density, modular and cost-effective connection system for heavy-duty equipment, powertrain and body-electronics applications. It is used at many OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

This high-density, compact system is based on a fine pitch size of 2.54mm, which reduces the necessary size of the PCB. The CMC system is available in several color codings and polarizations for easy visual installation, and to prevent mis-mating of the header. Applications include automotive and commerical vehicles such as cars, buses, motorcycles, marine, agricultural and construction equipment. For more information on the 32-circuit CMC connector system please visit CMC product page.

Sealed Rectangular Connectors (SRC)


The next-generation 84-way Sealed Rectangular Connectors (SRCs) use proven MX150™ and MX150L™ terminals to offer a hybrid, high power-and-signal circuit-count system for harsh applications in transportation vehicles. As the demand for more intelligent transportation vehicles is increasing, so are the wiring requirements and demands for hybrid technology. The SRC family offers single-handed blind-mate functionality along with a rugged, sealed, wire-to-panel (bulkhead) and wire-to-wire hybrid connection system designed for high circuit-count applications.

Sharp LED Array Holders



Molex is expanding its solid-state lighting portfolio with the launch of two new LED array holders from Sharp* for mounting LED arrays in lighting fixtures. The Sharp Mega Zenigata† holder’s form factor is less than 48.00mm (1.89”) in diameter for chip-on-board (COB) arrays. The Sharp Mini Zenigata array holder has a form factor of 30.00 by 36.20mm for COB arrays. These array holders are ideal for quick, easy and consistent installation every time. Molex also offers a Zhaga inspired cover for the Sharp Mega Zenigata holder that allows for a consistent landing surface for customers to incorporate optics while using the Molex LED array holder.

LED array holders eliminate the need for hand or SMT soldering and expensive SMT equipment. The holders allow users to install LED arrays quickly in fixtures, enable field replacements and facilitate upgrades to current applications.

Unlike other offerings, the Molex LED array holders’ compression contacts deliver power to the array, ensuring stable connections in high-ambient-temperature settings. The double-ended wire-trap terminal attaches to the power source, which allows for wiring serial or parallel LED sequences, ensuring ease of array assembly. Applications include downlighting and track and area lighting. Click here for more information on the Sharp LED array holders



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