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Modular Connectors (FLATPAQ/DOMINO) - TE Connectivity

Posted by danielevalenti


For years, TE has pioneered the development of new power interconnect technologies. Some key factors in the design of these new connectors are the selection of the right contact and housing materials, platings and contact designs. 

FLATPAQ connectors provide hot-pluggable AC and DC power in board to-board applications. Customized configurations of up to 45A power contacts signal & logic lines and guides (both active and passive) are enabled by the assembly of various standard modules. This allows the designer to specify guidance for blind mating situations, contact mating sequence, spacing for voltage ratings, and current interruption under load (true hot-plug), to meet custom design requirements without incurring any tooling expense.  FLATPAQ socket modules use proven CROWN BAND technology, for low insertion and extraction forces, minimal voltage drop and reduced temperature rise. Hot-pluggable socket contacts are rated at 35A USR, 20A CNR. Both hot-plug and regular sockets can be mixed in the same connector (as can both power blades and power sockets). 

The ELCON Domino connector system is a modular high-current connector system consisting of interchangeable modules which can provide AC, DC, logic and signal, float mounting, and pin sequencing. All Domino modules incorporate CROWN BAND technologies, tried and tested under the most arduous conditions. The high current capabilities virtually eliminate the need for bussing or splitting current, with resulting space savings and economies. The Domino connector system allows the user to configure a connector specific to an application, from off-the-shelf components. It can be purchased as separate modules and assembled by the user, but is more generally ordered as a connector assembly using an assembly part number which TE assigns to a specific configuration.

Product video of Tyco Electronics- now TE Connectivity

For further information about the products go to FLATPAQ Overview and DOMINO Overview or visit the official website of TE.

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