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DSPCB cannot find the support data file - problem solution

Posted by Mike Brojak


DSPCB cannot find the support data file - problem solution

Some of you are experiencing an issue where DesignSpark PCB, usually after installation and fresh launch, is displaying an error message saying that the software cannot update support.txt file: "The program cannot find the support data file, or has a problem downloading it from its current location". The dialog shows a webadress from which DSPCB is attempting to download the file:


Associated error messages:


Alternative error message:


The problem is NOT with the internet connection or the web address. What actually happens is thta DSPCB is trying to write the file to a program data location on your C drive. We found that this happens most often for users with no admin rights on corporate machines. In fact we have the same problem on RS Components machines. You need to contact your system administrator to enable sufficients right for DSPCB to be able to write/overwrite the support.txt file in C:\ProgramData\DesignSpark PCB\ (Win7 - or corresponding folder on other systems)


Note: This is NOT a one-off operation. The support.txt file is being updated every now and then so the sufficient access rights need to be granted all the time otherwise at some point you the issue will come back.




  • batou Avatar batou

    Posted by batou at

    alexytf Thanks. I have triyed your method and solved the problem.

  • vincent vidal Avatar vincent vidal

    Posted by vincent vidal at

    Hi All, I try to use the suggestion proposed by alexytf then I get an Error :

    Error.JPG (18.91 KiB) Not viewed yet

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks !


  • alexytf Avatar alexytf

    Posted by alexytf at

    Good day to all. Hope this solution can help. I tried install DSPCB on my PC running Win7 x64. Same problem i experienced. Try this step below.
    1 . Look for the location of the file support.text in DSPCB folder. My is at "C:\Program Files (x86)\DesignSpark\DesignSpark PCB 5.0 "
    2. Type in the file location ("C:\Program Files (x86)\DesignSpark\DesignSpark PCB 5.0 ") into text box of Download Support Data error windows. Then click OK.

    Hope this can help

  • mikebk Avatar mikebk

    Posted by mikebk at

    Hi costaazul, running as admin is one thing, the access right to your ProgramData folder is another, you might need to manually adjust the folder access rights

  • mariusz.ciszewski Avatar mariusz.ciszewski

    Posted by mariusz.ciszewski at

    Due to our IT politic I'm not able to instal this software on C drive. For me it is only possible to install it on D drive. Is it possible to make it usable in situation like this?

    Best regards

  • costaazul Avatar costaazul

    Posted by costaazul at

    I'm running the program on windows XP in a company computer , but I'm logged in as administrator, otherwise it is not possible to install this version 4 but even as administrator still get this message and can not open the program!

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