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DSPCB activation

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If you are reading this FAQ you have probably downloaded and installed your copy of DSPCB. You have launched the application, it shows a unique SERIAL NUMBER and it asks you for ACTIVATION CODE…

Q1: Do I need to activate?

No. You can try the software out without activation, however you will not be able to save your work. To be able to save your work you need to activate

Q2: Does it cost me anything to activate?

No. Activation is free of charge and will always be. It will also always be free to use DSPCB with all its current and future functionality. You can use DSPCB for commercial or educational use completely free of charge and without any limitations.

Can I activate/use DSPCB without internet connection? Click here for answers

Great! Now I want it activated. I followed the on-screen instructions, and was informed I will receive activation email...

Q3: I have not received activation email. What do I do?

Activation email is sent to the email address you provided during registration on DesignSpark.com. Make sure you are checking the correct mailbox. Log in to DesignSpark.com, go to your profile, select [System account] tab. Update your email address if necessary.

Q4: I am checking the correct mailbox and still have not received activation email. What do I do?

Check the SPAM folder of your mailbox. Sometimes activation emails get caught by spam filters.

Q5: I am checking the correct mailbox, checked the SPAM folder but activation email is not there. What do I do?

You can request a new activation email. Click here (you must be logged in on DesignSpark.com) and press the [Resend activation email] button relative to the serial number of the installation you want to activate.

Q6: I requested a new activation email to a correct mailbox but it has not arrived either to my inbox or SPAM folder. What do I do?

Email support, state your USERNAME and SERIAL NUMBER. In the email please clearly CONFIRM that you have completed the steps outlined in questions Q3, Q4, Q5. Please add any details that you think may help us assisting you (emails that provide full details are answered prior to the emails with incomplete information)

Q7: I got an email with activation code, what do I do?

Start DSPCB application. When the activation prompt window pops up simply copy the ACTIVATION CODE from the email (the long code containing digits and letters) and paste it in the pop-up window. Make sure the code you copied is assigned for the correct serial number.

I activated the software but something is still not right...

Q8: How do I know that my DSPCB is activated?

If your DSPCB does not ask for activation on the startup and you are able to save your work it means you have successfully activated the software.

Q9: I want to use DSPCB on more than one computer. Do I need another activation?

Yes. With every installation there is a new serial number generated. You can activate up to 6 copies of DSPCB. To activate another copy simply follow the normal activation process.

Q10: I have activated my 6 copies and need to add more activations. Is there any way to get more activations?

Yes. Please request that by emailing support. Please provide any details explaining why do you need more activations to enable us to provide the best service for you. Please also provide your USERNAME so we can identify your account easily.

Q11: I activated DSPCB but every time I start my computer and want to use DSPCB it generates a DIFFERENT serial number and asks for activation all over again. What do I do?

This is to do with a specific hardware setup of your computer. You will quickly run out of your 6 activations limit if you are re-activating each time. Please email support for assistance. Please also provide your USERNAME so we can identify your account easily.

Q12: I have activated DSPCB and can save my work. How do I learn how to use the tool?

Go to the [Help] menu, select [Tutorials] and study the included tutorials. Another good way to learn software functionality is by searching the [Help] > [Contents]. There is also plenty of help available via DesignSpark.com

Enjoy DSPCB - the World's most powerful Free and easy to use PCB Design Tool. Please do contribute your questions, considerations, knowledge and ideas to the website for benefit of the community!






  • satchmoeddie Avatar satchmoeddie

    Posted by satchmoeddie at

    I don't have an activation code. I have 3 accounts now and none gave me an activation code. Eventually I complained and got one for my old slow lap top. My email is seb-ear-aaaa@cox.net. Please fix this! I can just stop buying from Allied RS for a while and instruct others to do the same. Yeah it takes some time to chase down products, but what the heck? This is wasting my time already!

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