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Knowledge Item

DesignSpark PCB - Online DRC overview

Posted by Mike Brojak


Online DRC - overview

This Knowledge item is an overview of the Online DRC function - one of the new features introduced in DesignSpark PCB Version 5 in response to the user community requests for this functionality

What is Online DRC?

Online DRC allows you to identify layout errors in real-time which is a huge time-saving advantage over the traditional Design Rule Check. As well as the full 'batch mode' DRC, you also have the option of using Online DRC to catch errors as you are editing.

How to find this function?

Online DRC is enabled by default in DesignSpark PCB (V5 and later) software. As soon as you start editing your PCB you will notice that the software is showing design rule verification results on completion of each action you take.

This option, that is enabled from the Tools menu (when in PCB view):


Note: if the Online DRC is not appearing in the menu as shown above, click here for fix.

How to use Online DRC?

Online DRC will check any items that have been added or moved as a result of interactive editing operations. This includes, for example, all tracks attached to a component you have moved, or all tracks and vias added when manually routing.

As you finish adding or editing each item, the checker examines the items you have been adding or editing, and checks those against all the surrounding items for any spacing violations or cross-overs. If errors are found, error markers are added to the design so you can see where the errors are, and a message box appears prompting you to choose whether to finish with errors or resume editing (in which case the error markers are removed).



More information

The same design rules are followed by both online and batch checkers ('normal' DRC'), including all your spacings. To learn more about Design Rule Check, setting and adjusting design rules, see Help>Contents>Search>Design Rule Check





  • mikebk Avatar mikebk

    Posted by mikebk at

    Hi All,

    For the fix to the online drc not appearing in tools menu see
    http://designspark.com/knowledge-item/d ... nu-bug-fix


  • unknown source Avatar unknown source

    Posted by unknown source at

    For Online DRC to appear you have to be on a PCB editing screen and it's there in tools, if it isn't then right click and disable it that way.

    Online DRC.png
    Online DRC.png (58.37 KiB) Not viewed yet

  • rabiuls Avatar rabiuls

    Posted by rabiuls at

    There is no "Online DRC" under Tools menu. The article is wrong. You have to right click on any track and uncheck "Online DRC" from there.

  • vt12 Avatar vt12

    Posted by vt12 at

    I just want, that this function works how it works in PCAD, OrCAD or CADSTAR, nothing more...

  • banjohat Avatar banjohat

    Posted by banjohat at

    vt12 - I don't get your comment. The online DRC does just that? If you press escape, the part you tried to move, is put pack where it was. You definately get a visual warning that you're violating the design rules.

    However, I couldn't find the button in the tool drop-down, so I followed the suggestion of rightclicking a component. There it was! I now have online DRC! Thank you!

  • vt12 Avatar vt12

    Posted by vt12 at

    It's a good idea, but online DRC should work in another way - it should show warnings (change color of objects, or doesn't let move etc...) dynamically when I move components or trace.
    Now the Online DRC is absolutely unuseful, sorry.
    Best regards!

  • nicolas boyer Avatar nicolas boyer

    Posted by nicolas boyer at

    Found it! Just make a right-click.
    And uncheck!

    screen2.PNG (30.62 KiB) Not viewed yet

  • nicolas boyer Avatar nicolas boyer

    Posted by nicolas boyer at

    Well, I've just installed DSPCB 5.0 and I want to disable this onine DRC.
    I can't find Online DRC in the Tool menu.
    What is the problem?

    screenn.PNG (31.47 KiB) Not viewed yet

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