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Republic Polytechnic (Singapore) DesignSpark PCB tutorials


This page lists the DesignSpark PCB video tutorials created by Republic Polytechnic in Singapore.

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About Republic Polytechnic

DesignSpark PCB Videos Republic PolytechnicRepublic Polytechnic is one of the five polytechnics in Singapore. It is also the first and by far, the only institution in Singapore that implements true Problem Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy and is famous for its One-Day-One-Problem PBL approach. Their teaching staff is more commonly known as facilitators instead of lecturers. School of Engineering (SEG) is one of the largest school in Republic Polytechnic, and it offers various engineering diplomas. Currently, students from SEG’s Diploma in Biomedical Electronics, Diploma in Digital and Electronics Entertainment and Diploma in Aerospace Avionics takes a PCB related module and need to learn EDA software. The school has chosen DesignSpark PCB as the EDA software to be used for the module. Republic Polytechnic hence becomes the first institution in Singapore to use DesignSpark for curriculum.

About Eugene Tham

Eugene Tham Republic Polytechnic DSPCBEugene graduated from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University with First Class Honors in Applied Science (Computer Engineering). Upon his graduation, He continued his full time post-graduate Master’s degree with the same university. Following the completion of his studies, Eugene worked in a local R&D institution as an Embedded Systems Engineer for a few years before leaving the company to join Republic Polytechnic. Eugene has been with Republic Polytechnic since 2006 and is now a Senior Academic Staff with the polytechnic. Eugene has done various projects in the polytechnic and a few innovative staff projects implemented by him revolve around Brain-Controlled Interfaces, and have been reported in various media.

Eugene has been teaching PCB modules for a few years and is familiar with various EDA software. Being one of the pioneers in Singapore in using DesignSpark PCB, Eugene has been advocating its use for projects, competitions, and curriculum. The videos created by Eugene is originally targeted at the newer generation of learners in the polytechnic, that prefers watching and learning from a video “walk-through” rather than learning from guidebooks or demonstration. With the encouragement and help from RS Components, Eugene hope that these videos could also reach out to and benefit more users beyond Republic Polyechnic.

Republic Polytechnic's DesignSpark PCB Tutorial Videos List (see Videos below):
#1 Intro Video
#2 How To Create Components
#3 Forward Design Changes
#4 Back Annotation
#5 Unrouting
#6 Using Schemas
#7 Routing Two Layer PCB Board
#8 Using Four Layers Board
#9 Selecting PCB Package
#10 Adding Copper Pour
#11 Adding Mounting Holes
#12 Placing Connectors
#13 ...Coming soon

#1 DesignSpark PCB - Intro Video



#2 DesignSpark PCB - How To Create Components



#3 DesignSpark PCB - Forward Design Changes



#4 DesignSpark PCB - Back Annotation



#5 DesignSpark PCB - Unrouting



#6 DesignSpark PCB - Using Schemas



#7 DesignSpark PCB - Routing Two Layer PCB Board



#8 DesignSpark PCB - Using Four Layer Board



#9 DesignSpark PCB - Selecting PCB Package



#10 DesignSpark PCB - Adding Copper Pour



#11 DesignSpark PCB - Adding Mounting Holes



#12 Design Spark PCB - Placing Connectors





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  • linhaoxian Avatar linhaoxian

    Posted by linhaoxian at

    Hi Eugene
    Nice video.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • s cordner Avatar s cordner

    Posted by s cordner at

    good videos but I am slightly hard of hearing. The background noise level is so high I can't make out what the speaker is saying.

    Stephen A Cordner

  • chipsnchips Avatar chipsnchips

    Posted by chipsnchips at

    They look like a nice series of videos, but between the high ambient noise level and the accent of the announcer, they are very difficult to understand. They could be easily improved by a new audio track with an announcer who has English as a first language and NO NOISE.

  • gavranha Avatar gavranha

    Posted by gavranha at

    This was very usefull as a starting point. Thank you, Eugene.

  • johnhj01 Avatar johnhj01

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    Thanks for the videos. They help a lot!

  • markwinton Avatar markwinton

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    Hi Eugene
    Your Videos are excellent, however I find that there is a very high ambient noise level in the background which makes it difficult to hear you clearly.

  • albrightuser Avatar albrightuser

    Posted by albrightuser at

    Unfortunately some of us are prevented from viewing videos by company IT policy. Is this material available elsewhere in an alternative format?

  • rudiloos Avatar rudiloos

    Posted by rudiloos at

    Thanks. Really made understanding the DSPCB interface much easier.

  • t-stag Avatar t-stag

    Posted by t-stag at

    Hi Eugene
    Thanks for the tutorial video, a big help in getting started.

  • merc01 Avatar merc01

    Posted by merc01 at

    Great intro - as we say here in Alabama... "ya dun good!"

    Much thanks!
    PS: man I need to stop hitting the delete key when routing, old habits die hard!

  • boss Avatar boss

    Posted by boss at

    Eugene, nice video's with good simple step explanations, thanks for sharing.

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