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Toolbox App



Toolbox App: the ultimate engineering app for design calculations and electronics reference.

Supporting engineers from concept to creation. This great Electronics Encyclopedia in your pocket features common calculation tools, component comparison tables, reference material and much more.

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Building on the success of the V2 version of the Toolbox App, version 3 is here and it's better than ever before! Version 3 boasts fantastic new improvements including the addition of two brand new tools and functionality!

  • Packages Tool, providing a database of commonly used package types
  • Microstrip Mitre Tool: used for RF layout and design for maintaining impedance
  • Premium Brands, here supplier partners demonstrate new products and innovation
  • Software functionality improvements and updates

Learn More about version 3

Get electronics reference at your fingertips. Download and try the Toolbox App today!

titleAt RS Components and Allied Electronics, we believe that engineers should have access to design reference material anywhere. Whether you're working on your next design, troubleshooting hardware or maintaining a machine, or want to capture that next idea - Toolbox App is the right tool for you.

We created the Toolbox App – so you can have the handy tools you need, right in your pocket.

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Quick links:

QR Codes: point your smartphone / tablet's QR code scanner (camera) here and DOWNLOAD NOW !!

RS Toolbox - iOS:

Allied Toolbox - iOS:

RS/Allied Toolbox - Windows

Tip: you can find toolbox app in AppStore and Windows Store by searching the keyword 'RS Toolbox'

The Toolbox App provides a set of electronics reference material and calculation tools.

  • Greater reliability with all the design lookup tables and calculation tools you need in one place
  • Calculation tools: include filter circuits, OpAmp, Ohm’s Law, voltage regulator and unit conversion formulae 
  • Lookup tables: include batteries, cable colours, conductor properties, IP ratings, SI units and more
  • Group into projects: pull in group designs and calculations from multiple tools into one project
  • Colour codes: include resistor, capacitor and inductor codes
  • Design anytime and anywhere: access your calculations, references and documents on the move
  • News: get all the latest updates and promotions from RS Components & Allied Electronics
  • Available in 16 languages



Delta Star Calculator 

Three branches in an electrical network can be connected in numbers of forms but most common among them is either star or delta form. For simplifying complex network, it is often required delta to star or star to delta transformation which is what this tool is about

...read more about Delta Star minitool





 Constant Current Calculator 

Constant current sources are often used to drive power LEDs. One advantage of a constant current source is that it avoids violating the maximum Current rating of an LED. This new minitool helps to design a constant current power supply based on the LM317chips

...read more about Constant Current minitool


Toolbox App on Apple devices - example screenshots


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  • dj_tony2 Avatar dj_tony2

    Posted by dj_tony2 at

    This app seems similar to


    for android.

    btw not able to install on windows 7 .

  • michaelg2 Avatar michaelg2

    Posted by michaelg2 at

    Android and Win7 version. sheesh

  • jdw82 Avatar jdw82

    Posted by jdw82 at

    Have we all seriously upgraded from Windows 7 to 8.1? It seems to me that most desktops are still sitting on Windows 7, waiting for Windows 10.

  • 衞欣欣 Avatar 衞欣欣

    Posted by 衞欣欣 at

    FishMan wrote:
    > Please can someone point me to a download link for the Windows Desktop version?
    > The quicklinks > Download RS Tools for Windows, just takes me to a Microsoft website
    > page with no download button.
    > Where do I go ?
    > Thanks,
    Are you using Windows 8.1? If yes, go to http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us ... 6c9dc2a058
    Then you will see the following page and click on "View in Windows Store" button:

    RS toolbox1.jpg
    RS toolbox1.jpg (102.53 KiB) Not viewed yet

    In the Windows Store, you can then click the install button.
    RS toolbox2.jpg
    RS toolbox2.jpg (90.44 KiB) Not viewed yet

  • fishman Avatar fishman

    Posted by fishman at

    Please can someone point me to a download link for the Windows Desktop version?
    The quicklinks > Download RS Tools for Windows, just takes me to a Microsoft website page with no download button.
    Where do I go ?


  • mikevos Avatar mikevos

    Posted by mikevos at

    Now a pc version is out - the hardware variations here does not seem to bother like the excuse on Android platforms?? Still waiting for the Android version.
    Meanwhile Android versions will continue to create magic without tools.

  • mikemp Avatar mikemp

    Posted by mikemp at

    Yoda web-1.jpg
    Yoda web-1.jpg (22.79 KiB) Not viewed yet
    Android YES PLEASE
    and please make the PC version available via direct download !
    NOT via app store as there are customers that will NOT sign in to windows app store and wont use windows cloud login.

  • hade Avatar hade

    Posted by hade at

    Still no plans for an Android version?

  • mariusz.ciszewski Avatar mariusz.ciszewski

    Posted by mariusz.ciszewski at

    The same question.

  • xiongwei177 Avatar xiongwei177

    Posted by xiongwei177 at


  • sucata Avatar sucata

    Posted by sucata at

    looks like a nice tool will it be released for windows phone?
    you know not every one likes apple cr£$%p !

  • tony mowbray Avatar tony mowbray

    Posted by tony mowbray at

    Not having an Android version is a simple cop-out. From a supplier of great products and an even better pricetag, not having an Android version sucks - big time. Personally I wouldn't touch an iWhatever with a ten foot pole - just sayin'

  • latedev Avatar latedev

    Posted by latedev at

    Quite amazing really that you only do this for Apple products, probably because you have shares in the company.

    I find the comment " An Android version is not planned at this stage due to major differences in hardware that Android can be run on. " to be a poor excuse, based on the fact that apps are widely available for the majority of devices.

  • jpalm30 Avatar jpalm30

    Posted by jpalm30 at

    Why not for PC??? What's with this always on phone?
    Sometimes it is MORE convenient on a PC

  • strikebyte Avatar strikebyte

    Posted by strikebyte at

    I do not see why the hardware makes a difference for the software in android, the operating system takes care of the difference in hardware, the only thing to take care of is the differences in the API between android versions (this also counts for apple).

    The only hardware obstacle is if you want to use specific hardware functions like gpu acceleration, but even that is supported in the API right now

  • catherinesun Avatar catherinesun

    Posted by catherinesun at


  • sorrowlikeblue Avatar sorrowlikeblue

    Posted by sorrowlikeblue at


  • ttp Avatar ttp

    Posted by ttp at

    For Android users - try ElectroDroid, there is a free version. I don't have IOS device to see what Toolbox App does so can't compare it with ElectroDroid.

    I use ElectroDroid mostly for connectors pinouts and some useful data, I agree Ohms Law calculator or LED resistor calculator may be useful for some but if you need them you probably shouldn't be designing anything with more than 10 components.

  • ebswift Avatar ebswift

    Posted by ebswift at

    No android version due to the number of differences in hardware? This sounds too much like an elitist stab against android than a real roadblock. Other, even small developers are able to make apps for android. There are lots of them!

    androidl.png (5.14 KiB) Not viewed yet

  • bradlevy Avatar bradlevy

    Posted by bradlevy at

    Stealth, I _do_ appreciate the free tools from RS / DesignSpark. And I didn't complain about there being no Android version - I just inquired if there was one, and put the reply in this easier-to-read place so others wouldn't have to go chasing the links.

    That said, for what it looks like the app does, I don't see it as being that difficult for Android. The only thing I see for this app that would vary much from tablet to tablet is the screen size. Which also varies between Apple devices. I might put together a similar app for Android myself.


  • stealth Avatar stealth

    Posted by stealth at

    Ah man! What is it with you guy’s! It makes my blood boil! I’ve been a developer and Apps cost time and money and these guy’s are giving a great little app away for free! Apple is Apple but Android based devices can be a mine field! Trust me, I have first-hand experience.

    Whilst we’re on the subject, It’s the same story with their new Design Spark Mechanical, I'm a Linux man, and Design Spark Mechanical is for Windows only. I get the frustration! These tools are free and really good! And I get really wound up by folks moaning that there’s no Mac or Linux version! Probably because they just don’t appreciate that Designing and supporting tools across all platforms is not easy and costs loads, if they did, I bet the actual tool itself would have less features! Some say it will work on linux with a windows emulator, it kind of does, but it's not the best experience. So, on Black Friday just gone, I went down to BestBuy and got myself a cheap windows laptop so I could run free tools like these, Yes, I buckled to paying Bill the Microsoft Tax!, but in the long run, the few hundred dollars I spent are way cheaper than splashing out for some of the expensive paid tools that I don’t really need as I can do most of what I need to do in these free ones, and so far Design Spark Mechanical seems pretty well supported.

  • thomasinaz Avatar thomasinaz

    Posted by thomasinaz at

    What a joke. To many hardware versions. Sounds like you need some better developers. And really, MS Tablet. While it shows promise neither MS or Apple can come close to the number of Android devices. There's thousand of company's putting out free apps for Android, Digikey and Freestyle just to name two and Digikey has to interface it to their entire inventory. They don't seem to have a problem. If your not going to support something at least have the integrity to give a legitimate reason..

  • jonconnell Avatar jonconnell

    Posted by jonconnell at

    Engineers use iPhones now? What next?

  • gt4020 Avatar gt4020

    Posted by gt4020 at

    "RS Toolbox is available only for iOS devices. We are planning to also release a Windows 8 Tablet version, however the date for this is to be confirmed. An Android version is not planned at this stage due to major differences in hardware that Android can be run on".
    This answer is really ridicoulous!! Android is over 80% of smartphone market, there are hundreds of thousands of apps of every type on google play, and RS say that don't want release an android app????? It 's just bad for you!!!
    I suggest Electrodroid for android users...

  • suryansh Avatar suryansh

    Posted by suryansh at

    not planned for Android due to major differences in hardware that Android can be run on. :-l
    Ok! make it for pure android(nexus) devices.atleast..?

  • gaioshin Avatar gaioshin

    Posted by gaioshin at

    No Android version planned?! O_o

  • bradlevy Avatar bradlevy

    Posted by bradlevy at

    So, MikeBK, in short:
    Q - Is there an Android version available?

    A - RS Toolbox is available only for iOS devices. We are planning to also release a Windows 8 Tablet version, however the date for this is to be confirmed. An Android version is not planned at this stage due to major differences in hardware that Android can be run on.

  • mikebk Avatar mikebk

    Posted by mikebk at

    Hi Bradlevy,

    Please go to the FAQ section located in the bottom right corner on the RS Toolbox App home page http://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisp ... =RSToolbox where you can find the answer to this question (direct link to FAQs is http://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisp ... =questions)


  • bradlevy Avatar bradlevy

    Posted by bradlevy at

    Any plans for an Android version?

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