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Models for DesignSpark Mechanical Combine tutorial

Posted by psmith1309


A source for the sample models needed for the combine tutorial.

****Note**** Some users have experienced issues with downloading files via Internet Explorer. 

If you experience problems,

1. If using IE, Please right click the download link, 'Save as', change the file type from zip archive to file extension ".rsdoc" and save type as all files "*.*"

2. Try another browser. 

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact DesignSpark Support.





  • xulianxo Avatar xulianxo

    Posted by xulianxo at

    hi, I have problems with SECTION 5 COMBINE TOOL, exact on the step 6 , it says objects could not be moved and it happen when I try to move the body connector with move tool and select anchor and then 'up to' then I select the surface but I don't know why it doesn't work..

  • stealth Avatar stealth

    Posted by stealth at

    nice article, thank you for sharing this.

  • designspark mechanical Avatar designspark mechanical

    Posted by designspark mechanical at

    If you're experiencing issues downloading these files. Please try an alternative browser. We are currently investigating this problem. Please contact DesignSpark support for further help.

  • zed_thirteen Avatar zed_thirteen

    Posted by zed_thirteen at

    Until RS fix the download issue you can get around the problem by changing the file extension of the downloaded file from .zip to .rsdoc. For example change HOLED CUBE.zip to HOLED CUBE.rsdoc.

    The file will then open in DesignSpark

  • embeddedcoder Avatar embeddedcoder

    Posted by embeddedcoder at

    I agree: lots of XML schemas and things like that, but no DesignSpark files

  • mal7 Avatar mal7

    Posted by mal7 at

    same here.

  • fraktur Avatar fraktur

    Posted by fraktur at

    I downloaded the file but no parts are found.

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