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The world’s first public demo of the Raspberry Pi camera

Posted by Pete Wood on


Beer and Sausages weren't the only thing on the menu during my trip to the Electronica show in Munich Germany last week. I also served up another large slice of Raspberry Pi, wowing visitors with the crystal clear video and other cool things you can do with this low cost pocket sized Linux computer.  This time however we were lucky to host the world’s first public demonstration of the Raspberry Pi video camera. The camera module is a 5 megapixel camera phone sensor that plugs into the Raspberry Pi via the onboard camera connector interface.  Using CSI for data and I2C for control, the camera module will allow users to record 1080p at 30 frames per second in H264 video format.


Thanks again to Rob Bishop (above) of the Raspberry Pi Foundation for helping us set this up. To demo the camera we attached the "Pi-Cam" to a make shift boom arm and then streamed HD video of people playing our Raspberry Pi Batak Game, which challenged contestants to get the fastest time to win a Raspberry Pi bundle.  The game was very popular and at times extremely competitive!


The Raspberry Pi camera should be available soon, hopefully not long into the New Year.   We believe it will be priced around the same as a Raspberry Pi, and will be on sale at RS Components.  The camera will allow users to very cheaply add an HD video input to their projects for anything from robotics to home security systems.

Here's a quick one take video of me showing the camera in action on the stand. 





  • daklak Avatar daklak

    Posted by daklak at

    Given the high costs of many accessories, many exceeding cost of the R Pi itself, my employers sponsored 10-unit R Pi students have started using sub-assemblies removed from cheap cell handsets instead of buying R Pi accessories.

    They are using the cameras, displays and keyboards, so far. A new economy smartphone costs USD$35 and an economy feature phone costs around USD$15-20. They alos have bezeels and housings that add value to the extracted components.

    With duty and VAT effectively doubly Singapore prices, this method offers a viable, cost-effective souce of accessories.

  • amatijaca Avatar amatijaca

    Posted by amatijaca at

    Where can one pre-order one of these cameras? I am in Canada.

    Thanks, Alex.

  • theelectronicdon Avatar theelectronicdon

    Posted by theelectronicdon at

    It will be worth the wait ... I've ordered two! my original idea was to use the 'Pi in robotics, however my new focus (with two of 'em) is to set up a DMX over ethernet link for the lighting in new church hall. The hall was put out of action earlier this year due to flooding, so now is a good time to update the lighting system.

  • pete wood Avatar pete wood

    Posted by pete wood at

    Hi edrees

    Please accept our apologies for the delay. RS have been overwhelmed by orders in a magnitude that surprised everyone, including Raspberry Pi themselves. I know RS are building them as fast as possible and that sourcing components in the shortest possible lead-times isn't always an easy task and that we are keen to get a Pi in the hands of everyone that has ordered one as soon as possible.

    Best Regards


  • edrees Avatar edrees

    Posted by edrees at

    It's just a shame I can't get RS to supply me one of these.
    It's been on back order for so long and is now 8 weeks after the original estimated delivery date and now I've been told I have to wait another month!

    It'll be obsolescent when I get one.

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