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Avatar Posted by mrwolf81 at

    Hey all, yes i am new to PCB design and i do have a few problems and was wondering if someone could help.
    after running 'design rule check' i get several error messages and i can seem to work out what i've done wrong.
    the first error is cm-b, component to board error...
    the second is pd-s, pad to silk screen
    and the last one is NC, which is only on the push button switches
    i have designed the pcb manually if that helps
    two layer pcb
    i can forward to someone if you would like to see the board yourself and help with the errors


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      Posted by Boss at

      Hi, firstly you would be better off posting this in the Design Spark PCB forum that is above this one.

      But, in answer to your question the DRC is just that, i.e. a check on the current rules. I asked this same question when DS PCB V3 was launched.... So if you are happy with the proximity of the component to the board edge, mounting hole or whatever, then that can be ignored.

      Similarly if you do not need a connection from a particular pin the warning can be ignored.

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