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Do you think the Raspberry Pi could be used like a NAS ?

Avatar Posted by seb_mo at

I have to project to create a NAS, I recently have discovered the Raspberry Pi.

So, can I use it to create me a NAS ?


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    Posted by Andrew Back at

    Yes, you could use a Raspberry Pi for a NAS. You would just need to install Samba if you wanted to serve files to Windows machines. If your clients were running Linux or OS X you would probably use NFS and this may be installed by default, but if not the packages are available.

    Since the Raspberry Pi has GPIO it might also be fun to see what hardware hacks could be done too. For example, you could have it drive an LCD display or LED bargraph which tells you how much space is left on the drive, or how much I/O is being done. Or perhaps to signal an alarm or flash an LED when the drive is nearly full. It shouldn't be too hard to write scripts or small programs which get this information and drive the GPIO pins.

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    Posted by Pete Wood at

    What a great project idea!  If you get around to building one, please feel free to share your experiences with us on DesignSpark!

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    Posted by seb_mo at

    Ok, thank you for your answers, I'll inttempt to make this. If I success to create a NAS I'll be delighted to share it (In a better english I hope ^^)

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    Posted by Andrew Back at

    I just learned about the NASberry Pi project, which looks as though it may be of interest!

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    Posted by giordy72 at

    Yes, you can build a nas with the RasPI but with realy poor performances.

    The ethernet port and the 2 USB are drived by the LAN9512 who is connected to the usb port of the bcm2835.

    This means low transfer rates betwen storage drives and network.

    This board is an 'Arduino on steroids' not a PC ... an arduino with all the benefits of a stable OS with graphics and network...but nothing more than this.

    Happy Hacking

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