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Higher priority help, even on a paid "per event" basis sugge

Avatar Posted by PeterPan at

I know this is NOT a paid program, and that donations are not generally accepted, So I fully understand that support on demand is not part of the deal. With freeware, ANY support from the authors is fully appreciated as a gift. But honestly, the fact that there is no mechanism for getting URGENT help when you need is very frustrating, Consider a situation where you're dealing with a PCB manufacturer who has a problem with the Gerber files you submit, so that the production job is being held up. In a case like that a help request titled URGENT with no responses after 5 days is not good, and justifiably makes one nervous about future planned projects.

I give the authors much credit for this very fine program. I've praised this software up and down on other posts and so I'm sorry for the rant this time. But the availability of priority support for a reasonable "per use" fee would be most welcome, for those occasions when something can't wait. Perhaps you could do allow users to annually purchase support, limited to a certain number of questions, which would be addressed by someone within 48 hours?

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