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Style [Pin Numbers] From "Copy Style as" Cannot be deleted

Avatar Posted by Hiroshi YOSHIKAWA at

    1.Open Schematic editor
    2.From Desing Technology -> Text Styles Select item [Pin Numbers]
    3.Click button [Copy Styele as] and click OK on dialog box
    4.Select new [Pin Numbers] on the bottom of list
    5.Click Delete Button
    Style "[Pin Numbers]" is an application defined style and cannot be deleted.


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      Posted by MikeBK at

      Looks like a bug. I just tried it and indeed get the same behaviour. The problem I suspect is that it retains the same name, when you try to delete the softare thinks you are deletin the one that is used just because the name is the same. I will get someone to look at it and if indeed a bg it will be fixed in the next revision.

      Thanks for reporting this


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