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ModelSource search results....

Avatar Posted by overload at

    I just noticed this:

    I was searching for an inductor, SMD 0805 100nH

    That the output is in German is subject for another topic.

    All results are 4677

    Narrowed down by selecting '0805' => 108

    There are now several 100nH items - but when I set the filter to 100nH no results are shown.

    Another bug, there are 100nH and 0.1┬ÁH shown as selectable values.

    ds2.jpg (396.34 KiB) Viewed 486 times


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      Posted by MikeBK at

      Hi, The image is not visible, would you be able to repost please?

      The ModelSource results are geo targeted. Are you talking about the ModelSource web view or the ModelSource interface in DesignSpark PCB?
      In the first case the country information is taken from your user profile settings i.e. if you have specified Germany then the data is in German. You can change that by editing your profile. In the second case this is taked from Windows locale as defulat, but can be changes in Preferences>Locale.

      The display of 0.1uH and 100nH is a result of the RS data structure, the normalisation could be better I agree. I am making a note of that, thanks.

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      Posted by overload at

      Ok, it was: DesignSpark > Settings > Preferences (or just Cntrl+F7) > Locale > Use custom setting (req.......)

      It takes a little time then to load all available countries.

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