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How To Import Eagle Libraries into DesignSpark

Avatar Posted by thausherr at

    I heard that DesignSpark can import Eagle Libraries, but I can't figure out how to do that. Can anyone provide step bt step instructions?

    We're trying to add DesignSpark to our free PCB Footprint Expert Lite available on and it currently exports Eagle but we can't figure out how to import them into DesignSpark.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, download our free software program to create high quality PCB library parts using IPC-7351 rules or defile your own rules or use the mfr. recommended solder pattern dimensions. The free Footprint Expert outputs to 17 different CAD tools.


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      Posted by Palaguta at


      you can find a tutorial teching how to do that by DSs menu: help / tutorials/ importing eagle files

      it's not that trivial and you have to create a intermediate file, but it's explaned well and should't lead to any difficultys. I'm doing that a while and it seem to work with one problem:

      by importing the relay-library I'm getting error-reports and DS crashes. I have an impression, that DS have a propblem with importing librarys with divices that include variants. I'm trying to solve the problem but I'd narrowed it to the point, that if two or more different devises have variants that called the same it couses DS to "think" that some of them are in process to be designed. To delete such a device seams to solve it only partialy. DS is still crashing by any effort to import that intermediate file.

      Any way exept this one i have no problems with eagle-import. It saved some time.

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      Posted by Palaguta at

      hello again,

      I have to revise my complaines. DS did't crashed - it had took a 10 minutes to import the components, witch suprized me, because to import relay libraries of symbols and packages takes only few seconds. Well, that confirms the bigger use of an cafe brake then just to rest ;)

      P.S My apaoogies for my english skills. I'd never learned it

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