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Component Libraries

Avatar Posted by al555bike at

    I just downloaded the software and want to start with a new project. The previous posts seem to suggest there are only basic components in the library. Does this mean that to use the software I have to make a library schematic and footprint for all the active components I require? I need as a start a max232, LPC1768 and some voltagew regulators. Do I have to start from scratch with these?


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      Posted by RS Components Support at

      Hello al555bike

      Welcome to DesignSpark PCB.

      .... seem to suggest there are only basic components in the library.
      Yes and no! DesignSpark PCB development has moved on from having an ever growing library included with the PCB program. We now have a growing online library of components in ModelSource.
      Users can then select the components they require and build up their own library.
      It is also easy to download a 'similar' component from ModelSource and edit it to your requirements.
      You can also import components from Eagle.
      Find components on the web, e.g. the mBed.
      And also create your own part to your own requirements.

      I need as a start a max232, LPC1768 and some voltage regulators.

      In ModelSource, CTRL + M, enter MAX232 in the quick search and 25+ components are available for download into DSPCB (those shown in black text), you can preview the schematic and PCB layout for each one.

      For voltage regulators you can select from the option panels <Semiconductors> <Power Management IC's> <Linear Voltage regulators>, from the list you can then sort by the columns, e.g. Output Voltage, Current, Package, Manufacturer etc., All those with available DSPCB components are again shown in black.

      Finally the mBed component can be found on the mBed site.
      There are several, but one can be found at ... -for-mbed/

      I hope this helps you on your way to a successful design.
      Remember to look at the Help files and use F1 in your design for help. Make sure you read the Tutorials also under 'Help' on the menubar.

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      Posted by al555bike at

      Many thanks for the reply. I've tried ModelSource and it works fine. Found a similar micro from NXP which I'm using.
      I'll take a look at the mbed link shortly.


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      Posted by xavier at

      The way that I see it is that now if my internet is down or if I'm out in the bush I will not be able to use DeignSpark. Can you pleas tell me how to revert back to version 4? as I do not want to have to depend on an internet system that works very poorly here in South Africa.

      All the best to you

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      Posted by RS Components Support at

      Hi xavier,

      Regarding the Internet access and libraries and general operation there is no difference between how V5 works compared to V4.
      If you were happy with V4 operation regarding your internet, stick with V5 for all of it's enhancements and bug fixes as performance will be the same.

      If it is the legacy V3 library components you can't find, they are still there. Select the library manager and folders tab. Select the bottom greyed out one to explore and then restore these old libraries (as you were also probably using in V4), but these are nolonger supported by DesignSpark.

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