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How to uptate all components included in schematic file?

Avatar Posted by mariusz.ciszewski at


    Another question. Let's imagine a case when we have opened an old schematic file. We know that some components in our library were changed. Is it any option to update all components in schematic drawing to current existing in current library? It was question about schematic file. And for PCB? If schematic diagram is updated (all components from current lib) if I run Forward design Changes it's enough to update also all components on PCB to the newest version?


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      Posted by Boss at

      Here's an old post that may help?

      Posted by MikeBK at Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:45 pm

      Hi Rob,

      In your PCB design simply select from the menu [tools] > [auto remane components] and job done. Then use [tools] > [back annotation] to transfer the new names to the schematics.

      So it has to be done from the PCB and then use back annotation to the schematic.

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      Posted by MikeBK at

      Hi Mariusz,

      Updating all components at once would probably be not the best idea. In case if it s quite a few you loose control over the changes and it becomes tricky to verify the changes in both PCB and schematics.

      Therefore the update to line up with libraries is per component. If you right click>update component you can do that and this update will then be applied to ALL occurences of this component throughout opened design, i.e. if you have used 5 op-amps of one kind, they all will be lined up with the latest version in your library.

      Best regards,


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