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Placing 45 degree tracks

Avatar Posted by Robin Hewitt at

    This is completely self inflicted.

    Before I discovered double clicking on a bend to mitre a 90 degree junction, I found the place where you can tell it that you want to hand place tracks with a 45 degree option permanently enabled.

    I turned it on and now I dearly want to turn it off, but blowed if I can find it again.

    Where is it? I have been through preferences, defaults, styles, design technology, grids etc and my right mouse finger is worn out from all the clicking. I know it's there somewhere because I turned it on.


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      Posted by John Reuss at

      Top Menu > Add > Track - left mouse click to start adding the track; right mouse click to view context menu; select "segment mode" to view options; select "right angle"; finish track; right angle will now be default

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      Posted by Robin Hewitt at

      Thanks, you would not believe how many hours I spent looking for that.

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      Posted by Boss at

      Wow, I also spent ages looking for this after reading your post as I had done this in the past. I was trying to find how to do this for editing an existing pcb.

      If you aree editing your board, you can select a segment (left click).

      Right click on the selected segment and choose "edit segment"

      Then immediately right click again (with the segment still highlighted) and choose "segment mode" to view options and select mode required.

      This is a good example that shows the conext menus change even as progressing through a task.

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